Stop Identity Thieves!


ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire)– Stolen identity can happen to anyone at any time. In fact, a new report finds two thirds of people will experience life-changing digital abuse. There’s been a 42 percent increase of identity theft and it is continuing to grow rapidly. Don’t want to be part of these stats? Identity thieves.

From widespread cyber-attacks to fraud emails and texts. The web has many ways to grab what they need from you. Seventy-nine percent of internet users feel they have completely lost control over their personal data.

“As we evolve in technology it has become more and more of an issue.” Regine Bonneau, the

CEO of RB Advisory and Cyber Security Consultant states.

So how can you protect yourself from identity thieves? First download an identity protection system. U.S. news and world report rated the top ten systems with Identity Guard, Identity Force and ID Shield in the top three. Next, check your apps. They can be used to bombard you with spam. Some popular ones that have come under fire for sharing your info, Camscanner, Facebook, Kaspersky QR scanner, Tik-Tok, the flashlight for the I-phone and I-pad and many game and puzzle apps.

And how do you know you are a victim of phishing? Here’s some common subject lines be aware of … if you see them, don’t open the email and delete it immediately.

Finally, a simple step to keeping you safe online is to update your devices regularly.

Do you think you’re safe when you log out of social media? Apps like Facebook and Tik-Tok can collect your data information without you even knowing. So, keep a close eye on your information!

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