• Television Professionals

    “We use every single report from your 3 series and integrate 5 different anchors in them across multiple newscasts!”

                                                                  Emily Akiyama

    “Everything is going fine with your 3 series. It’s a big help with our new 3:30p and 7p shows.”

                                                              Frank Jones

    “The Medical Breakthrough reports work well in our Health Connection segment. Thet are particularly helpful when I’m on vacation.”

                                                                    Bianca Castro
    Medical Reporter

    “Your reports have become a fixture with our main anchor fronting them in our 4:40p show. We are very pleased with all 3 series!”

                                                                    Erin Simms
    Assistant ND

    “We are 100% happy with your medical reports. Our medical reporter, Denise Dador, localizes them with stand ups in every report we do.”

                                                               Julie Sone

    “We added three newscasts this year with no new hires.  There is no way these shows could have been successful without Ivanhoe’s medical and consumer reports.  Use me as a reference any time.”

                                                                      Mike Schram
    News Director

    “Your reports have come in very handy with the addition of our 4p show. We track and expand some packages locally based on the topic.”

                                                                Suzanne Beaver
    Executive Producer

    “We are retracking your health reports with our morning anchor. I like what I am seeing so far.”

                                                                Al Carl
    News Directorr

    “Everything is going really well with the Smart Living reports. We use them regularly at 5p and post them to”

                                                                Siobhan Garrett
    Executive Producer

    “We are using your medical reports Monday, Wednesday and Friday in our 4p newscasts with my retrack.  We are quite pleased with the range of topics as they are timely and promotable!”

                                                                 Margot Kim
    News Anchor

    “We are very pleased with how your reports work in our Best Life segment.  It is good promotable content.”

                                                                 Mark Little
    News Director

    “Your reports give us lots of options to use in different franchises! It is definitely worth the investment.”

                                                                 Emily Forrester
    News Director

    “The Ivanhoe service is very good. I like them more than Consumer Reports. I’m budgeting Ivanhoe for another year.”

                                                                  Jerry Goodman
    News Director

    “Everything is working well. The medical reports are used in our “Your Health” segment with our 4p anchor and we also have her track reports to give her some additional exposure in our morning show!”

                                                                   Rob Hayes
    News Director
    WAFB/Baton Rouge

    “We are using the Ivanhoe reports in multiple newscasts and tracking with our talent. It is great stuff! Feel free to use me as a reference.”

                                                                   William McClain
    News Director

    “We showcase the Medical Breakthrough, Family and Smart Living reports multiple times throughout the day. It is a great asset for us!”

                                                                    Melissa Daves
    Executive Producer

    “I received the scripts for September.  They are great!  I see there is a script about money/work for each Friday in the month of September.  Those line up perfectly with my show schedule.  I greatly appreciate the professional work you and your team do!”

                                                                    Bo-Yee Poon

    “Smart Living gives us plenty of material for the 5p show.”

                                                                      Kelly Groft

    “We love them! Our main anchor presents the Prescription Health and Positive Parenting reports at 4pm. Thanks for seeking our feedback!”

                                                                         Nathan Elliott
    News Director
    KWTV/Oklahoma City

    “Thank you for providing us with such high quality, highly promotable material.  We use everything you deliver.”

                                                                          BERNICE KEARNEY
    News Director

    “We are using the Ivanhoe reports everywhere… morning, weekend and 4p. The topics are really interesting.”

                                                                          Julie Szulczwski
    News Director

    “We are very happy with Smart Living at 5p and we are adding Medical Breakthroughs!”

                                                                          Shannon Isbell
    News Director

    “We really like the topics you cover in the 3-part series but never promote them as special series and we don’t use the generic series promotion.  Every report is teased/promoted as a standalone package.”

                                                                          Melanie Falcone

    “I have been looking at Ivanhoe reports for over 20 years and I think the quality of your work is better than ever!”

                                                                          WAYNE LYNCH
    Former News Director
    Northwest Cable News

  • Medical Professionals

    “Medtronic is very happy about the back pain stimulator report. They were concerned that it didn’t start airing on stations right away, but airings appeared, and it’s turned out to be the gift that keeps on giving.”

                                                                          Erich Sandoval
    Vice President National Media Relations
    Lazar Partners

    “The Ivanhoe crew was very professional. Milvionne and Kirk conducted their interviews and filmed B-roll in an efficient, timely manner, both of which OHSU greatly appreciates.”

                                                                          Franny White 
    Senior Media Relations Specialist
    OHSU | Oregon Health & Science University

    “We’ve recently visited the Ivanhoe Broadcasting website and found our story! Thank you so much for publishing this; we are getting new contacts every day since it has been published! Eager to put this story on our own website! Please be sure to extend our thanks to Marsha, Roque, and Kim, as well!”

                                                                          Carol Rosenstein
    Founder & Executive Director
    Music Mends Minds, Inc.

    “Thank you for covering my sleep study-it has gone far and wide!”

                                                                            Jagdish Khubchandani
    Professor of Public Health
    New Mexico State University

    “It’s always a pleasure to work with Ivanhoe. We receive great feedback from our researchers and administrators about the opportunity to work with you.  We have also seen the story on coated catheters being picked up by a number of local stations around the country.”

                                                                            Robert Wells
    Public Relations
    University of Central Florida

    “I thought the report on personalized pain relief was fantastic! I love working with Jennifer and Rusty!  I am always pitching you folks on possible stories.”

                                                                            Margarita Gallardo
    Broadcast Media Manager
    Stanford University Medical Center/Stanford

    “The report “Saving Hearts from Birth to Beyond” turned out beautiful and it gives me chills to watch it. Thank you so much Marsha for the time and energy you put into the segment.  Incredible! Such a pleasure to work with the Ivanhoe team.”

                                                                            Mari Abrams
    Public Relations

    “Overall, we were very pleased with the resulting story and the number of media outlets that it reached. It has helped us reach out to more people with our message on the importance of balance and how to improve it.”

                                                                            Andrea Case-Rogers

    “After the airings around the country of Ivanhoe’s report on our efforts to treat dysphagia, a swallowing disorder, we have had three persons contact us for help so far and one is planning to travel from NC to us for treatment! Also the college has opened a donation account on our behalf to help us.”

                                                                            Giselle Carnaby, PhD
    UCF Medical Center

    “Working with the Ivanhoe team (Wendy and Rusty) was an amazing experience. They are true professionals and wonderful storytellers. I was impressed by Wendy’s organization before arriving. She had me lining up dates and patients months before shooting. Her insistence on getting patients made all the difference in telling a great story. The stories were well-edited and narrated. Beautiful shooting by Rusty. Wendy and Rusty were incredibly dedicated and hard-working. Also a lot of fun. My dream team. It reminded me of working with NBC reporters when I worked for The physicians and researchers all liked the stories. I ran a report on them to show the great reach.  Thank you so much for this great experience! I would love to work with Ivanhoe again.”

                                                                            Bobbi Nodell
    Media Relations
    UW Medicine

    “We received some good pick up of our story with Ivanhoe: Once a Month Migraine Treatment.  We tracked airings in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Philadelphia, Huntsville, Erie and Traverse City!”

                                                                            Susan Hall
    Public Relations
    Baylor, Scott & White Health

    “Thank you very much for sending me a link to the story of Carole Motycka:  New Hope for Colon Cancer that Spreads. It is so appreciated. You truly were able to capture Carole’s love for life as well as the new protocol to treat a certain population of patient with colorectal cancer that has spread to the liver. The visuals of the video work perfectly with the voice of the narrator to tell that inspiring story. Thank you so much for working with us on these health segments.”

                                                                            Caroline Auger
    Media Relations
    Cleveland Clinic

    “I am very happy working with Ivanhoe.  My doctor’s particularly like the fact that your producer is willing to work after 5pm which makes it much easier for my doctors to make the interview.  I’m pitching 3 more stories now!”

                                                                            Susan Hall
    Manager Media Relations
    Baylor, Scott & White Health, Dallas

    “We know the report on TMR had good pick up around the country.  We were very pleased with how the report turned out. We have done several stories with Ivanhoe with a couple different producers and crews and all have been extremely professional and a pleasure to work with.”

                                                                            Eric Robinson
    Media Relations
    Oregon Health & Science University

    We really liked the way the IBD Stopped in Its Tracks story turned out.  We also noticed pick up around the country even though the last few months has been a crazy news cycle.

    The Ivanhoe crew was wonderful and we like them a lot!”

                                                                            Natalie Solimeo
    Media Relations
    Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

    “I have had the opportunity to work with several Ivanhoe producers and photographers and have really enjoyed the process.  They always do a very nice job.”

                                                                            John Easton
    Public Relations
    University of Chicago

    “We received tons of inquiries on our new toe joint replacement procedure that you covered. Cyndy and Kirk were excellent and a pleasure to work with!”

                                                                            Candace Herrington
    Media Relations
    Allegheny Health Network

    “We heard that the report “Premature Birth on the Rise” was picked up by stations around the country!  We and the March of Dimes folks loved it.  Your people (Cyndy, Roque and Gabby) made it such a great experience.”

                                                                          Sue Bowles, DNP
    Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies

    “The story you did on our new radiology procedures brought us tremendous exposure and truly transformed our company.  Most importantly we were able to help countless people and save many lives across the globe.”

                                                                          Michael Yuz, MD, MBA

    “The response to the “Bowel Control” story was phenomenal. We received calls from as far away as California. The Ivanhoe crew was great! On time and well prepared.”

    Alicia Rohan
    Media Relations
    UAB Birmingham

    “The story Ivanhoe did with Ekatarina on “Fertility Preservation” is getting picked up. Part of the success is there is a patient that people can relate to. When will Ivanhoe be back in Chicago so we can brainstorm on future stories?”

    Julie Pesch
    Director, Public Affairs
    Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

    “We got a huge resurgence of interest from around the country when the ‘Stem Cells vs MS’ report aired.  Wendy Chioji was very professional and great to work with.”

    Julie Kiefer
    Public Relations
    University of Utah

    “I just wanted to get back with you to say how much we appreciate working with Ivanhoe.  Your reporters are ALWAYS the best.  Jenny Halpin and Shari St. Clair are great!  I am your biggest fan…and the quality of your stories is outstanding.”

    Kelly Morris
    Public Relations
    START/San Antonio

    “I will say that the very best part of the report, ‘Sleep Pod Keeps Babies Safe,’ is the final part where you show a couch and allow me to explain why couches are so dangerous. So many parents don’t know how dangerous a couch is.  Your story may well save lives, so THANK YOU. Thanks to you, Jennifer, and Ivanhoe for telling my story.”

    Jennifer Doering, PhD, RN
    Associate Professor
    College of Nursing
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

    “The ‘Proton Therapy’ report had great pick up.  I have been very pleased with Ivanhoe and their crew is great.  Marsha is an extraordinary producer!”

    Kevin Knight
    Marketing/PR Expert
    Scripps Proton Therapy Center/San Diego

    “I loved the ‘Aqua Therapy’ report.  The crew was very professional and the editing of the report was great.  We even got a call from a 90-year-old woman in South Bend. ”

    Keith McCrate
    Director of Rehabilitation
    Presbyterian Village/Dallas

    “We got calls from around the country on the ‘Robotic Spine Surgery’ report Ivanhoe did.  The crew was very good and I’m definitely going to continue pitching stories to you.”

    Deborah Circelli
    Media and Public Relations Specialist
    Baptist Health/Jacksonville

    “We are very pleased to have worked with Ivanhoe. Laura Clarizio and the Ivanhoe crew were great to work with. Plus, we got a ton of response on our robotic hair restoration procedure.”

    Jeff Rogers
    Director of Business Development
    Leonard Hair Transplant Assoc, Boston

    “Your producer, Cyndy McGrath, did very professional work on her visit to our campus. I look forward to cooperating with future productions.”

    Phil Sneiderman
    Senior Media Representative
    Johns Hopkins University

    “We work with Ivanhoe to schedule the production activities and coordinate with our patients and staff. Ivanhoe provides a means for us to share our medical stories across the country about the work being done at Baylor Scott & White Health.  We regularly receive phone calls from viewers around the nation who saw our stories on their local TV stations and our hope is that this leads to more patients being helped by the research and treatment options at our facilities.”

    Nikki Mitchell
    Vice President of Public Relations
    Baylor Scott & White, Dallas, TX

    “I am actually saving cord blood, but my daughter has sickle cell disease. I am a registered nurse currently working in the hospital .  Thanks so much for your time and patience. I want to congratulate you for helping so many people in great need of this powerful cure. This disease is so life-threatening and the pain is unbearable.”

    Chantal, RN

    “We received response from as far away as England after Ivanhoe did a story on our new procedure to save the voices of ALS patients.  The producer and crew were good, timely and on key.”

    Jocelyn Odlum, M.A., CCC-SLP
    Miller School of Medicine
    University of Miami

    “We received response from around the country on Ivanhoe’s report ‘Avatars Helping Athletes.’  We even had people asking us if we could come to them.  It also prompted a local news station to do another story on it with us!”

    Donna Moxley Scarborough, MS, PT
    Sports Performance Center
    Mass General Orthopaedics

    “Jennifer Jefcoat and Jamie Koczan were great to work with.  Very efficient.  We love it when you come here to do stories.”

    Deborah Song
    Associate Director, Media Relations
    Rush University, Chicago

    “It is always a pleasure to work with Ivanhoe.  Your producers are very professional.”

    David March
    Senior Media Relations Director
    Johns Hopkins/Baltimore

    “We got very good response from around the country on Ivanhoe’s report on a new non-surgical macular procedure we do here at Wills.  Our doctors were also pleased with the report.  We even had a patient see the report on a Chicago TV station and call us for a second opinion.”

    Cathy Mills
    Office of Communications
    Wills Eye Institute/Philadelphia

    “We received calls from all over the country on the “Feces Fight-Off Deadly Infection” story that Ivanhoe did.  Ivanhoe’s crew was excellent.  We definitely want to do more stories with Ivanhoe!”

    Helene King
    Communications Coordinator
    LifeBridge Health/Baltimore

    “We were very pleased with Ivanhoe’s report on a new stroke rehabilitation program we developed.  I look forward to doing more stories with Ivanhoe.”

    Todd Murphy
    Senior Communication Specialist
    Oregon Health & Science University/Portland

    “We do a lot of stories with Ivanhoe because of the response we receive and because the producers and crews are so good to work with.”

    Scott Ray
    Director of Communications
    Miller School of Medicine/Miami

    “We find Ivanhoe coverage very valuable and definitely want to do as many stories as we can with them. The experience I have had with their producers and crews has always been very positive.”

    Karen Lancaster
    Director of Media Relations/Corporate Communications
    University of Maryland

    “We have gotten massive response to the Ivanhoe report on our new ultrasound technique. We have even gotten local media to follow up after a national Ivanhoe story. The producers and crews are very easy to work with and get the job done even under difficult situations.”

    Meagan Bradley
    Marketing Communications
    UVA Health System

    “The response we get from the stories we do with Ivanhoe rival any other media outlet in the country! I have always enjoyed working with the Ivanhoe producers and crews. They are extremely professional and efficient. I want to get Ivanhoe reporting at Vanderbilt as much as I can.”

    Craig Boener
    National News Director
    Vanderbilt University

    “I guess my Google alerts paid off as your story came up. Really great Job.  Thanks for putting this together so nicely and clearly.”

    Harvey J. Kliman, MD, Ph.D
    Yale University School of Medicine

    I read each e-mail and read eagerly to look for new ideas on medical problems.   I am retired RN with an adult daughter with MS, so I look for new treatments for the disease.

    Thanks for a most informative newsletter.”

    Carol Kleimenhagen, Retired RN

    “Ivanhoe is AWESOME!!!! WOW! Your staff is terrific! The articles are timely and right on top of all the latest research. I have shared many of your articles with colleagues, and everyone is always impressed with what I send them from your email newsletter. I feel very fortunate to be aware of it and able to benefit from it personally and professionally. I find it amazing and wonderful that there is no charge for this newsletter!”

    “I intend to subscribe to Ivanhoe for as long as you offer it!”

    “Thanks so much for this valuable, much-needed service!”

    Linda M. Vazquez, RN

    “I’m a psychiatrist in No Virginia who is SO appreciative of the service you offer the medical profession! The FIRST thing I do each morning is to access your website for the latest in the field of medicine. It provides me with an EXTREMELY valuable opportunity!”

    “Keep up the good work!!”

    Arnold Kaplin MD

    “The newsletter seems to have cutting edge information that is not avaliable another places.  I look forward to reading the information on a regular basis. Please enter me into the drawing.  Thank You.”

    Elaine Blaney RN, BSN, M.A. Ed.S.

  • Readers

    We are in awe of how our family’s story has been presented by Ivanhoe – “Sickle Cell Storm: Learning the Truth” !

    Thank you all for an EXCELLENT story.

    In peace,

    Lillie 🙂”


    Thank you for all your medical updates.  I enjoy reading them.  They are so helpful and help humanity to a very large extent.  I share these articles with friends and family here in the Caribbean and they say it is really great.

    I thank you so very much.  May God bless you and your family.

    Tara from Trinidad, West Indies

    Chris and I have reviewed the piece several times and we are so pleased with it! It’s a very well-told and accurate portrayal of our story through bladder cancer.  We are so appreciative of the opportunity to tell our story and for it to be featured in this informative way.  We truly feel that others can benefit through greater awareness of bladder cancer and blue light cystoscopy. Thank you for helping make this possible!

    We are very grateful to Janna and Roque from Ivanhoe and to Vanderbilt for doing such a great job on the “Blue Light Saves Young Bladder Cancer Patient” report.

    Mary Beth Ballard
    Cancer Survivor

    I have been following Ivanhoe newsletters for some time now and always try and put time aside to read as much as I can.  Although not a medical man, I have the engineers’ need to understand how things work and I have found the articles in Ivanhoe fascinating and stimulating.  I have learnt a great deal but perhaps the most valuable has been the stimulation to look at issues from a different perspective. Please keep up the newsletter.

     Barry W

    I appreciate all your great articles. I forward many of them to friends.  Funny thing is that is frustrating is that I show many of your articles to my doctors and it is news to them.


    ‘”Ivanhoe is not an encyclopedia of a million things. It is very informative,entertaining,funny and seems to have solid medical information. It is not self-absorbed, it gives you links to other good sites and Marjorie seems to come up with relevant yet funny stuff like the online reflex test. It seems much more personal, it is nice to know there is a live body out there on the site!”

    “Sincerely wishing you the best,(stay the way you are!)”

    Jennifer J.
    Portland, Oregon

    “Congratulations on your reporting. Nice method of involving a personal touch with medical up-dates.”

     Gilford Hyder

    “My daughter was featured in an Ivanhoe video “No More Dialysis” last fall and Cedars-Sinai told us that 4 people from around the country saw it on their local news and came to Cedars and were treated and transplanted though their kidney transplant centers had told them it was impossible and they would have to die on dialysis.  Ivanhoe then did a video of Lakeshia Hall who had seen our video.  She is now transplanted–“Off Dialysis for good” Congratulations!”

    Joan Lando and Soraya Kohanzadeh

    “Very fine reporting.  Keep up the good work in the coming years.  Two thumbs up to you all!!”

    Jan Michael

    I think it is absolutely GREAT!  Now that I’m 62, I’ve had epilepsy for 51 years and after extensive testing was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 3 months ago. I am literally starving for information. I retired at 58 and spend my entire days at the computer, investing and researching.”

    Michael L. Harville, Sr.

    I look forward to each report hoping to find something new that will interest me and also help.  Thanks for the good work and keep it coming.

    Thanks,  Lee Gleason

    Thank you so much for your interesting news and updates. It gives us so much hope to read, for example, that islet transplants will soon be available for diabetics. My son is 16 and I keep on hoping and praying that something will happen for diabetics.

    Barbara Opperman

    “I’ve really profited from something you had on [] a few years ago about Dr. [Frederick] Buechel in South Orange, New Jersey (Ankle Replacement, June 24, 1999). I went and got my ankle worked on by him, and I can walk again — it’s amazing! I have a lot to attribute to that news of yours…”

    Richard Tector
    Charles City, Iowa

    “Your article on Electrical Swallowing (January 13, 1997) brought my attention to the pioneering e-stim/dilation combination treatment for dysphagia in Cleveland, Ohio. I was able to accompany my chronically dysphagic wife to Cleveland last November, and due to the great work of Marcy Freed and Dr Stepnick, was able to witness my wife swallow, eat and drink again after nearly three years of dysphagia brought on by her brain surgery to remove a large posterior fossa meningioma.

    Thanks to you for bringing this treatment to my notice in May 2000 [on], when I first got access to the Internet. All of my wife’s family and friends have had their lives affected positively by your publicity.”

    Mr V Morris

    “Thanks for your prolific introduction to your organization and your unselfish introduction to Merck from whom I receive my pharmaceutical needs. I am a controlled diabetic who will now be more controlled thanks to elaborate explanations made by your recommend readings! You may use this letter or furnish me a copy on which I can attach my signature; I’m a retired Lt Col US Army-85 years young.”

    Best Regards,

    “When I dislocated both my shoulders, your site provided crucial information [in the report]New Surgery for Shoulder Separations (June 24, 1997). My initial orthopedic surgeon suggested an invasive repair, but once I knew the alternatives from reading a report on your site, I was able to seek a second opinion and opted for an alternative procedure. Without I would have undergone an antiquated procedure that would have kept me from leading an active lifestyle for much longer.”

    Thank you!
    Dave Benach
    Oakland, CA

    “My name is George Lerg, my wife Judy and I reside in the San Diego area. We just learned Judy is in the first stages of Parkinson’s, and I recently found your Web page.

    Fear of the unknown is most debilitating for everyone involved. Your Web page was the first source of real information I found. Both Judy and I have been reassured that at least, we know what we are dealing with, and what the future may bring. We can deal with that far better than not knowing.”

    George Lerg

    “I have been a subscriber for almost two years now. I have a medical transcription service, and have benefited from your “heads-up” on names and spellings of medicines as they come down the line. Having been in the medical field for 25 1/2 years, in various capacities, I understand the only thing that remains the same is change.

    I have provided information to my massage therapist on her profession, my best friends on the ailments of their families, and the als info you provided helped me deal with my father’s decline and death from that disease.

    You folks provide good info, without hype, about the interesting and off the wall — and I appreciate having the inside track.

    Congratulations on your network of professionals, and keep up the good work.”

    Judy Delk
    JD Transcriptions

    “My colleagues and I wish to commend you, Bette BonFleur and your colleagues on the value of ivanhoe’s electronic news service.

    As a 19-year-old weekly billboard service for physicians we believe we have considerable perspective on news services, in general, and on those serving health care professionals, in particular.

    We find to be especially valuable as we go through the process of story selection and the related task of researching particular medical developments. We congratulate your editors on their well-developed sense of newsworthiness and on the research value of your archived information. We commend your technical people for designing a site that is “uncluttered,” highly navigable, graphically effective and very functional.

    We thank all of you for making this valued and reliable resource available to the working press. We know how well regarded your broadcast service is, and we want you to know we belive you’ve replicated that value in the electronic area.”


    Peter Frost Sprague
    Editorial Director
    Physician’s Weekly LLC