Ivanhoe’s Founders


Marjorie Bekaert Thomas       Bette BonFleur

When Marjorie Bekaert Thomas and Bette BonFleur became business partners in 1982, they launched a television news company that has since become one of the country’s most respected producers of medical news segments for television.

A graduate of Duke University and the University of Florida law school, Marjorie Thomas began her career as an attorney. After 10 years of practicing law, Marjorie joined Bette BonFleur, an executive news producer and award-winning writer of 12 documentaries and over 3,000 medical news reports. Their combined talents resulted in a company that continues to be ahead of its peers in everything from news production to employee satisfaction.

When she’s not on the pickleball court or on the polo field, Thomas is in the Orlando office using her analytically trained mind to construct strategic business plans and mentor the talented and driven team at Ivanhoe. She’s designed an office environment that fosters ambition, career growth, enthusiasm and team work. Employees at Ivanhoe work hard and the payoff is interesting work that saves lives.

Together, BonFleur and Thomas have created a truly unique organization that delivers a world class product while providing its employees an environment for dynamic growth. Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, and run almost entirely by women, Ivanhoe is on the cutting edge of news and information. The team at Ivanhoe is enthusiastic about producing and delivering life-changing information to the world.