Employment Opportunities

Ivanhoe Broadcast News wants you!

Ivanhoe Broadcast News offers competitive salaries, world-class benefits and a corporate environment that distinguishes itself from other newsgathering organizations. We encourage job inquires from diverse backgrounds, education and experience.

Possible Openings:

  • Associate Producer
  • EP, Reporters, Producers
  • Post-Graduate News Intern
  • Freelance Segment Producers
  • Summer Interns
 Send resume to:  Kim Groves

Creativity is the foundation of Ivanhoe. New ideas are recognized and rewarded.
Everything we do at Ivanhoe reflects 100% accuracy and absolute integrity.
Ivanhoe is always improving and each member of the team is committed to personal improvement.
Ivanhoe’s purpose
is to produce
and deliver
information to
the world.
The people at Ivanhoe treat each other, our clients and our audience with compassion, respect and understanding.
Ivanhoe Broadcast News and each member of the team participates in volunteer activities that enhance and
improve our community.
Humor and enjoyment of what we do are evident every day.