Work Life Balance: Is It Achievable?


DURHAM, N.C. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — In an ever changing world where nearly half the workforce is freelance, new parents are looking for a better balance between child care and work. See how two young moms are making it happen while helping other families!

This may look like any other bustling preschool, but this one is truly unique!

“It really is like a family,” said Tiffany Frye, a Co-Founder of Nido.

Frye was a new mom working from home when she got an idea: what if parents could work in the same space their child is being cared for?

“Co-working and child care, I need that.” Frye said.

So did a lot of other new parents including Elisabeth Tyroler, a Co-Founder of Nido.

“I was working at 3 in the morning.” Tyroler expressed.

Also trying to build a business from home, she wanted to be successful without taking time away from her kids.

Tyroler shared, “We shouldn’t have to sacrifice really special moments of kissing boo boos and eating lunch together.”

So the two moms created Nido: a center that offers a preschool for kids with three full-time teachers and a quiet workspace for adults. Nido means “nest” in Italian.

“Most of our parents work in a central area called the café space.” Tyroler explained.

Like this new dad who needed child care for his son while he worked on his dissertation.

Patrick D’Silva said, “We could be close to our child; I appreciated the flexibility that their model offers.”

Kelly Steitler loves spending part of her day with three-year old daughter violet while also being able to focus on her work as an appraiser.

“I think a lot of working moms want that ability to be with their kids but they also need their peace of mind to work.” Steitler said.

A place providing a better balance for both parents and their children!

Nido works on a monthly membership fee.  For example, two days a week would be 315 dollars for the preschool and 100 dollars for the workspace. Nido’s 2017 revenue was 150 thousand dollars and they hope to double it next year. The founders are offering group coaching and consulting to folks around the country who are working to open their own spaces. For more information please visit     

Contributors to this news report include: Janna Ross, Producer; Roque Correa, Videographer; Robert Walko, Editor.

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