Water Dance From Around the World


MIAMI, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — Remember the ice bucket challenge? The charity movement that raised millions of dollars and awareness about Lou Gehrig’s disease. Well another campaign is building a national following. This one focuses on the precarious state of America’s water supplies.

Dale Andree, Director of National Water Dance said, “movement is water, water is us.”

It’s called the national water dance. The brain child of Andree, it started in Florida in 2011 and has blossomed into a national movement with 15 hundred dancers in more than 80 locations.

Andree said, “it’s a collective of dancers, of professional dancers, of educators, of students across the country.”

There’s a message in their movement.

“We want to have something to say about what’s happening to our waters.” Andree explained.

The national water dance is now held every other year. This year’s event included performances near water in 36 states and Puerto Rico.

“I was in a marching band when I was in high school so I think that’s what it was, you know it really helped.” Andree said.

What makes this even more challenging: the dance groups across the country perform at the same time, while the event streams live over the internet.

Andree explained, “I think there are about 25 live streamers through YouTube and then there’s also live streaming on Facebook as well.”

The idea: to use our bodies to bring awareness to critical water issues like contamination and shortage of clean water.

“This is how we speak, with our bodies, and we’re out here to make a statement about water and to get people to care.” Andree stated.

And even the youngest participants take away a life-long lesson from the experience.

“It’s really nice because we can all learn something from each other.” said Valeria Castro.

Making their message heard … through dance.

The event successfully live streamed in April. Dale is already in the planning stages for the next national water dance in 2020. Dancers of all ages are welcome to take part. For more information please visit https://nationalwaterdance.org/

Contributors to this news report include: Janna Ross, Producer; Judy Reich, Videographer; Robert Walko, Editor.

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