Vaccine Scams: COVID Cons


ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) – Millions of Americans have received a COVID-19 vaccine. But if you’re still waiting to get yours, there are some vaccine  scams to be aware of.

The COVID-19 shot is here, but with the long-awaited vaccine comes something else, scammers! Federal and state officials have recently issued warnings about criminals that want to steal your money and are using the coronavirus vaccine to do so. Watch out for any texts, robocalls, or solicitating phone calls that ask you to pay money up-front to get on a vaccine list. A big red flag, if they ask for your credit card number, bank info, or social security number to get an appointment. This personal information is not needed to sign up for a vaccine. Often, con-artists will say they are from your insurance company or the local health department, but they won’t name the specific provider or the county where you live. Never purchase a vaccine on the internet, from a social media ad, or from an online pharmacy. The COVID vaccine is only available at federal and state approved locations, such as pharmacies and vaccination centers. Helping you protect yourself from vaccine scams,

If you suspect you’ve been the victim of a COVID vaccine scam, experts say you should report it by calling the non-emergency phone number for your local police.


Contributor(s) to this news report include: Julie Marks, Producer; Robert Walko, Videographer; Robert Walko, Editor.

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