Turn Your Clutter into Cash


ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) – Books … clothes … furniture … we all have something we’d like to sell. Now – getting cash for your belongings is easier than ever.

There are nearly 300-thousand items in the average American home! Got some stuff that needs to go?

For selling clothes, shoes, or accessories, try Poshmark. Shoppers on this app generally pay more for designer brands. But the company takes a 20 percent commission on most sales. For selling technology like a phone or laptop try the Gone app. The company will make you an offer if they think your item will sell and they’ll find the buyer for you. There’s no commission and if your gadget doesn’t sell in 30 days, you can lower the price or get it back. For larger items that are too big to ship, try 5miles. It connects local sellers and buyers and lets you verify each other’s identity by phone or Facebook. And there’s no charge. Some things to keep in mind: the condition of your item will affect how much you can ask for it. Also give your item a good description. Include as many details as possible so it will pop up on searches. And pictures matter. Take shots from different angles and use good lighting. Lastly make sure your item is priced right. Research the going rate and don’t ask for too much more if you want it to sell quickly.

Still trying to hang on to your stuff? Consider this: one out of every ten Americans rents off-site storage. And 25 percent of people with two-car garages don’t have room to park cars inside them.

Contributors to this news report include: Julie Marks, Producer; Roque Correa, Videographer and Editor.

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