The First Month on the Job


ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — A study by Leadership IQ says that 46 percent of newly-hired employees will fail within 18 months, but only 11 percent of them actually lacked the necessary skills. The majority failed because of other issues like temperament, coachability, and motivation. Below are some tips on what successful people do in their first month.

Landing a new job isn’t the hardest part. Your first month will be full of learning and challenges, but there are ways you can shine in your new position.

First, introduce yourself to everyone right away, even if you will not be working with them directly. Second, be clear about what is expected of you, and ask your supervisor if you are progressing at the right pace. Next, figure out the tasks that often frustrate your team members, and think of a way you can make their lives easier. Fourth: only speak positively. Don’t complain about your workload or being tired. Be enthusiastic about each new task. And demonstrate your value to the company. Make yourself irreplaceable by being a problem solver and showing your dedication. Lastly, plan lunch or after work cocktails to network with your co-workers and show that you’re ready to be part of the team.

Experts say the number one reason people get fired is the same reason they get hired: their personality. Some of the other most common reasons people get fired are being absent often, being disrespectful or refusing to follow directions, and complaining about your employer on social media.

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