The Finley Project: Hope Through Loss


ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — It’s one of the most cherished moments for a mother. But for some soon-to-be moms that joy can turn into heartbreak in an instant. One in four women loses a baby through a miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death. Below is the story of a woman who used her heartbreak to heal others.

Seven pounds and eight ounces with all ten fingers and ten toes.

“Finley was the little girl that I’d always dreamed of having,” said Noelle Moore, Founder and Executive Director of The Finley Project.

But she never got the chance to take her home. During delivery Noelle Moore suffered complications and her daughter Finley was placed on life support the moment she was born.

“After 23 days of being on this earth, we had to make the worst decision ever and that was to remove life support from her,” Moore told Ivanhoe.

The little girl that she was prepping nine months for was gone.

“For me what felt so disjointed and so much more confusing than it should have been was I didn’t know where to go next,” said Moore.

That is why Noelle created The Finley Project to provide other women the support she wished she had when she lost Finley. The program provides funeral planning, therapy sessions, meal assistance, house cleaning and even massage therapy.

“It’s so nice that they provide things that you don’t think you even need. You don’t even realize you need,” said Tiffany Wieder.

Tiffany Wieder lost her daughter Lilly when she was 22 weeks pregnant with her. Through an intensive internet search, she found Noelle.

“She held my hands and she said ‘I’m so sorry. I know exactly what you are going through,’” said Weider.

Noelle linked Tiffany with grief counselors and house cleaning services as a first step to helping her deal with her grief. Noelle says there’s hope for many more women.

“There’s hope that she will come out on the other side. There’s hope that she will, she will smile again one day,” explained Moore.

The Finley Project has helped women in over 18 states and Canada and has a goal to help 648 mothers by 2024. To learn more about The Finley Project go to

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