Study Habits Gone Bad


ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — Studying is an essential skill for academic achievement. But some common mistakes could be hindering your efforts. Study habits

Anyone in school knows that to pass a test – you need to study! But could poor habits be thwarting your hard work? One common study mistake: cramming! Experts say an hour a night for a week leading up to a test will be much more effective than staying up all night the evening before your test. Another bad habit: multi-tasking. Researchers at Stanford found you’re less productive, more distracted, and retain less info when you multi-task than when you focus on finishing one thing at a time.

While many students swear by it, research shows listening to music doesn’t help you learn something new or complex. Music, especially songs with lyrics, can take up processing space in your brain and make it harder for you to retain information. And you might want to avoid studying on a device like a phone, tablet, or computer. One professor found learning on a screen required more repetition than studying traditional print materials. With ways to improve your academic success.

You may be wondering if it’s ok to study in bed. Experts differ in their opinions. Some say you won’t retain as much of the last few pages you’ve read if you read right before you fall asleep. Others say lying down doesn’t impact your brain function, so it shouldn’t matter if you study in bed or in a chair.

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