Skip The Gym: Get Fit At Home


ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) –After a long day, all you want to do is go home, but you know you should head to the gym. What to do? Here’s how to make the two places one and skip the gym.

Lifting weights, running, and yoga. These are just some of things that you can do at the gym, but the average cost is anywhere from ten dollars to 58 dollars a month. That can end up costing almost $700 a year. Now you can save your cash, stay home, get fit and skip the gym.

Looking to do ab workouts? Purchase an exercise mat for $15. It’s easy to use outside or take on the road. Buy a set of resistance bands to challenge yourself in lower-body exercises like the fire hydrant or teaser. Want to lift weight? Medium weights cost $18. A heavier set costs $31. Or try a kettle bell and work your arms and legs at the same time. Finally, don’t forget a jump rope which helps with your cardio.

Don’t be afraid to watch yourself. Buy a full-length mirror in order to watch your form. Want some fun? Use gliding discs for reverse lunges or plank to pikes and it costs under ten dollars.


Contributor(s) to this news report include: Keon Broadnax, Writer and Robert Walko, Videographer and Editor.

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