Save Your Unborn Baby: Get the Shot


ST. LOUIS, MI. (Ivanhoe Newswire) – There is an urgent message from the CDC, if you’re pregnant, no matter six weeks or six months, get your covid vaccination. Pregnancy is one of the highest risk conditions you can have when it comes to contracting the severe form of covid. In fact, pregnant patients are three times more likely to end up in the intensive care, three times more likely to need a machine to breathe and they’re twice as likely to die.

‘Very bad, very bad symptoms,’ these were some of the last words from a pregnant doctor before losing her battle with covid.

“We’re having end of life decision or end of life conversations with patients who should be like thinking about their gender reveal party.” Ebony Carter, MD, explain of her most recent experience as an OBGYN to high-risk patients.

High risk OBGYN doctor, ebony carter, is seeing more pregnant women in the ICU than ever before.

She explains that “We don’t have to be losing patients to covid anymore.”

But is the vaccine safe? Can it cause a miscarriage?

“That is not true.” Carter says.

This rumor spread like wildfire on social media saying the spike proteins that the vaccine targets to protect us from covid look very similar to a protein in the placenta.

“Even to the uneducated eye. You can see that they look nothing alike.” Carter further explains.

Should pregnant women in their first trimester get vaccinated?

Carter answers that “The best time to get it is like right now or yesterday for that matter. There have been over 150,000 pregnant patients vaccinated at this point, the CDC has tracked and followed them. And there has been no signal for harm.”

Doctor Carter knows new moms want the very best for their babies. She says the most important thing you should do is get vaccinated.

“These babies are going to be born into a world that is full of covid and the delta variant and whatever random variants come after it. The only hope that this little baby is going to have of having any protection is if mom gives it to them.” Carter states.

Studies show antibodies were found in the umbilical cords, as well as in vaccinated new moms breast milk. Proof, that getting one of these could save you and your child’s life.

As far as infertility is concerned, Dr. Carter says there are absolutely no studies to support those rumors.


Contributor(s) to this news report include: Marsha Lewis, Producer; Roque Correa, Videographer and Editor.

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