Pursue Your “It”


New York, NY. (Ivanhoe Newswire) –Tens of thousands try, but only a handful of golfers ever make it to the professional ranks. Cindy Miller is one of them. She’s now trying to convince today’s young people they can succeed, even if they face their own overwhelming odds.

“Cindy taught me what I can be when I grow up”, exclaimed student Ahmad Bah.

He’s only in fifth grade, but it’s not too soon to begin inspiring Ahmad Bah; that’s the core belief of a unique pilot program in New York called ‘Pursue Your It.’ Former pro golfer Cindy Miller says it’s never too early to get kids running on the right tracks.

“The younger you get them the more effect you can make on their life”, exclaimed Miller.

Miller overcame a childhood of abuse and alcoholism to make it to the pro tour. Even then, tragedy continued to haunt her when her alcoholic husband tried to kill himself.

Heather Kwiatkowski , a teacher at Martin Road Elementary School told Ivanhoe, “a lot of the students connected to the program because Cindy’s background is their background.”

Her 8-week ‘Pursue Your It’ program focuses on three questions – Why are you here? What do you want? And how will you achieve your goal?

“If I had known this when I was younger, my life might have been a little bit differently, you know, different”, affirmed Miller.

The school is already seeing results

“They have had not a behavioral referral, they have kept up on their homework, they’ve made positive choices with other students and other adults, and they really have succeeded for this school year”, Kwiatkowski said.

“In 4th grade I got lunch detention and I had to get kicked off the bus and get a new bus, but in 5th grade I don’t get kicked off the bus”, recalled student Naziyah Stutts.

“Our school attendance and students from this program has improved as well as discipline referrals”, affirmed Martin Road Elementary School Principal Julie Andreozzi.

Miller’s next goal? Taking ‘Pursue Your It’ nationwide.

“I want to change the world, so it’s all about finding it” says Miller.

Miller has formed a non-profit foundation to expand her pilot program across the country. For more information, visit www.pursueyourit.org

Contributors to this news report include:  Kris O’Donnell, Producer; Tom Vetter, Videographer; Bob Walko, Editor.

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