Driving With Dogs


ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — We all know that texting while driving is a major distraction, but driving with your pet can be as well. A recent survey by AAA found that 65 percent of people have participated in at least one distracting behavior while driving with their dog. Obviously, this distraction increases the likelihood of being in an accident. But here’s some tips to keep not only your pet, but everyone else on the road safe.

First, restrain your pet. Having an animal run loose inside the car means you have to keep one eye on them and only one eye on the road. They are also more likely to be injured or can even run away if you are in a car accident. Using a pet seatbelt, car seat, or crate will keep your four-legged friend secure.

Your dog may love to stick its head out the window, but wind can irritate mucus membranes and blow pieces of debris into their eyes. Just like children, they should not stick any part of their body out the window.

Never let your dog in the front seat. It adds to the distraction, and if your airbag goes off your furry family member will very likely get hurt. Air bags were not made for animals.

Also if you drive a truck, your dog will not be safe in the truck bed. Not only could they harm themselves, but they can cause someone else to have an accident. At least 100,000 dogs have been killed while riding in truck beds.

Even though 84 percent of people say they travel with their pets, only 16 percent used any type of pet restraint. Additionally, you need to make sure you have the proper paperwork for your pet in the car at all times. This paperwork should contain their picture, name and who to contact in case of an accident where you cannot respond.

Contributors to this news report include: Milvionne Chery, Producer; Tony D’Astoli, Editor and Videographer.