Personalities in the Workplace: Managing Up or Down


ST LOUIS, MO. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — One in four workers are planning to quit their job this year. Employers are pulling out all the stops to keep them. From offering four-day work weeks to remote work, to free therapy, and vacation breaks in the Hamptons. These perks are not just for the management teams but wait staff and cleaning ladies, as well. But some experts don’t believe this is what workers really want. Employees want respect and they want to be valued. One financial expert says it’s imperative for employers and employees to know what drives you and your co-workers. Personalities in the Workplace

Are you a former rock star? How about a dominatrix? A black widow, the know-it-all, or the know-nothing?

Day One Ready founder and author, Jennifer Fondrevay shared “I came up with these characters as a result of going through three separate multi-billion-dollar acquisitions.”

Former Fortune 500 executive, founder of day one ready and author Jennifer Fondrevay says knowing the characteristics that drive your co-workers and your boss could make all the difference at work.

“People are reevaluating their job. They’re looking for meaning in their job.” Says Fondrevay.

The latest Forbes survey says the number one reason people leave – a toxic culture, Fondrevay says a dominatrix boss can be detrimental to a company.

“The dominatrix is the bully; they aren’t looking to get people’s opinions. they just are focused on the objectives. First and foremost, I say your goal is not to be this person’s friend.” Said Fondrevay.

Show them every day what you bring to the team. Then there’s the know it all. “That’s the kind of person who can squash creativity. So, the reverse of the know-it-all is the know-nothing.” she shared.

The ostrich keeps their head in the sand. “That’s the person doesn’t want to deal with what’s happening.”

What about the former rock star? Fondrevay finished with, “That’s the person who is usually the hero. Everyone thinks has the mightiest touch.”

If you recognize yourself or your co-workers in one of these, that’s the first step to figuring out how to change or how to manage your manager.

Understanding why you are the way you are, is the first step to improving. Fondrevay’s latest book is called Now What? A survivor’s guide for thriving through mergers and acquisitions and can be found on amazon. Personalities in the Workplace


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