Is Your Teen Addicted?


ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — There are numerous reasons why teens try drugs. However, experimenting with drugs does not necessarily lead to addiction. One study found that 75 percent of high school students have tried an addictive drug at least once, and one in five of those students become an addict. So how would you know if your teen was that one?  Here’s more on how to spot the warning signs.

Teenagers are notorious for always worrying about how they look. So a drastic change in their appearance might be a sign of addiction. If your teen no longer cares about the clothes they wear or start showering less, it may be due to a drug problem.

You also want to be aware of changes in behavior.

Psychologist Amanda Janner told Ivanhoe, “The typical signs include decline in performance in school, decrease in social activities, they are more isolated.”

Changes in physical appearance and behavior are not the only signs. Changes in sleep, appetite and even friends are also signs. A teen may seek out other drug users who they feel that they have more in common with than previous friends.

Additionally, any unexplained need for money is a troubling sign. Teenagers are always asking for money, but those with an addiction will often ask for money without giving a clear reason. They also tend to ask for smaller amounts frequently instead of larger amounts.

It is critical to intervene early when there is suspicion of drug abuse. Substance abuse will likely worsen over time, and intervening now gives your teen a greater chance of living a productive, drug-free life.

Contributors to this news report include: Milvionne Chery, Producer; Tony D’Astoli, Editor and Videographer.