Chef’s Corner: Mexican Fiesta


LAS VEGAS, Nev. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — Mostly gone are the days of unlimited buffets of hours-old food in Las Vegas. These days, top chefs and restaurants fill the city. We caught a culinary rising star in Taqueria Tequila at Bally’s. She whipped up some delicious Mexican food, and she says you can, too, easily.

Shaylee Rolon told Ivanhoe, “I had the dream. Just chasing the dream.”

Shaylee is only 25, but is already making a name for herself at Taqueria Tequila in Las Vegas. She is one of six children and came west from New Jersey to cook.

“I wanted to get out there. I wanted to provide for my mom, my siblings, the younger ones. I wanted to show an example so they could make it out,” she said.

On the menu today: green enchiladas, which requires just a few fresh ingredients. Start with the chilled cooked chicken and chicken stock.

“It’s going to start thickening up. Then add the butter and the salsa verde,” she told Ivanhoe.

Salt and white pepper. Put the tortillas on the stove and warm for a couple of minutes a side.

She explained, “This will allow the corn tortillas to soften up, so you’ll be able to fold it without cracking.”

Fill, but don’t overfill, the enchiladas with the chicken mixture. And fold.

Shaylee said, “Grab your salsa verde that’s already hot, just pour it right over.” (:05)

A little Mexican crema, queso fresco, red onion, and cilantro for garnish and color. And your green enchiladas are finished. But wait, there’s more.

“So we’re going to make guacamole, because nothing is finished without guacamole,” Shaylee said.

Mash up two avocados. Add diced serrano peppers, salt and white pepper.

“And a squeeze of a half a lime,” Shaylee told Ivanhoe.

Mix it all up.

Not hard at all, just like she promised.

The Tequila Taqueria opened up a year ago inside Bally’s casino in Las Vegas.

Contributors to this news report include: Jessica Sanchez, Supervising Producer; Wendy Chioji, Field Producer; Tony D’Astoli, Editor; Rusty Reed, Videographer.



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“I grew up cooking, just in the kitchen. I’ve never known a place where I felt more comfortable.

Shaylee Rolon


Green Enchiladas and Table Side Guacamole

For Enchiladas:

6 oz. Shredded Chicken

1 fl. oz. Chicken Stock

2 oz. Butter, Unsalted

10 fl. oz. Salsa Verde

¼ tsp Salt

4 fl. oz. salsa verde

3 Six-inch White Corn Tortilla

1 ½ fl. oz. Crema Mexicana

1 tbsp. Queso Fresco

3 pieces Red Onion, Jullienne Cut

3 slices Avocado, Sliced


-Add shredded chicken, chicken stock, butter, 2 fl. oz. of salsa verde and salt to sauté pan and cook for approximately 3-4 minutes.

-Using a pair of tongs, quickly dip tortillas in fryer for approximately 5 seconds to soften.

-Lay tortillas flat on plate, and add 2 oz. shredded chicken to each tortilla. Gently fold in half.

-Evenly ladle 2 oz of salsa verde over enchiladas, leaving ends exposed.

-Using a squeeze bottle, drizzle crema Mexicana across the center of the dish.

-Sprinkle queso fresco across center of the dish.

-Place one slice avocado and one slice of red onion on top of each enchilada.

For Guacamole:

2 Whole avocados

½ tsp Cilantro, chopped

¼ tsp Serrano pepper, chopped

1 tbsp. White Onion, chopped

¼ tsp. Salt


-Cut avocados in half length-wise. Insert knife into pit and gently turn to remove pit from avocado.

-Place avocado, lime, and cilantro leaf on plate.

-Mix chopped cilantro, diced serrano pepper, chopped white onion, and salt in ramekins and place on plate.


Shaylee Rolon

Sous Chef

Tequila Taqueria in Bally’s Casino, Las Vegas