Does Your Body Language Say You Are Leadership Material


ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — Whether they’re a CEO, a politician or Dean of a College, leaders must always come across as authentic and credible to the people they’re leading. A lot of it comes down to body language. Here are some important cues that subtly let people know if you’re leadership material.

When it comes to public speaking, a leader should never tilt their head or cock it to the side. That’s according to Carol Kinsey Goman, author of “The Silent Language of Leaders.” She says leaders hold their head straight to avoid coming off as arrogant or unsure.

And even though smiles are welcoming, Goman says too much smiling makes a leader seem weak. The most effective smile is one that starts small but grows when a person walks into a room or walks across a stage.

And when it comes to pointing, leaders use their whole hand rather than their index finger, according to Joe Navarro, author of “What Every Body is Saying.” Studies found that pointing with just an index finger made the person seem overly aggressive and made people uncomfortable.

What about small gestures like pulling on your shirt or playing with your hair? That’s what people do when they are nervous, according to Navarro. So leaders should avoid these behaviors.

But if you want a quick way to convey real confidence try pressing your fingertips together while keeping space between your palms, this is called steepling.

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