Landing Your Dream Job


ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) – Millennials change their jobs an average of four times in the decade after graduating from college. It’s the quickest way to advance in title and salary. According to CNN, a new job often comes with a 15 percent pay raise, but whether you’re just starting out or on your second or third career move, how do you land your dream job? What advice should you follow? Because what worked for your parents may be 30 years out of date.

Resume … check. Cover letter … check. List of potential jobs … check. Now, the advice starts flooding in, but are mom and dad the best person to ask for career advice?

“I think parents want their children to be successful,” said Stefanie Nicholson, a Career Coach in Employer Relations. But things that may have worked for them may not work now—for instance, sending a paper resume. Everything is digital. A well-thought-out email can get your foot in the door—and you can track the emails and know who is reading it. Showing up unexpected to introduce yourself is a no-go in today’s world. People are busy and want appointments scheduled and a calendar invite sent. In-person interviews are no longer a must since Zoom interviews are convenient, and for now much safer. Networking was good then and still good now.

And it is imperative to talk to someone who recently landed their dream job. What did they do? “You want to just absorb as many opinions as possible,” said Nicholson. Most importantly … “Take things with the grain of salt and go with your gut,” said Nicholson.

One piece of advice that is the least followed but most important then and now … do your research. Do not show up to an interview without knowing what the company does, why you would be an asset and write out a list of follow-up questions to ask what would make you successful in that role and possibilities for advancement. For more ways to find info on landing a job in 2020—check out sites like GlassDoor and LinkedIn Learning to gain insight and find the latest ways to stay current.


Contributor(s) to this news report include: Sabrina Broadbent, Producer; Bob Walko, Videographer and Editor.

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