How To Quit Your Job


ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — Recent data shows a record number of Americans are quitting their jobs. In fact, in may of 2018 three-point-56 million workers left their positions, which is the most since the year 2000.

How happy are you with your job?

A recent report found 53 percent of Americans are currently unhappy at work. If you’re planning to exit your workplace, make sure you leave on good terms. First, don’t tell your co-workers about your plan first. Instead, tell your boss in person! Give at least two-weeks notice, maybe more depending on your position. And offer to train your replacement or those who will be picking up your responsibilities.

Also be honest but calm in exit interviews. Try to give more positive than negative feedback. Writing a thank you note to your mentors or trusted colleagues is a good way to maintain relationships. Don’t insult or vent about the company or any of its employees before or after you leave. And work your hardest until the very last day.

Studies show that 79 percent of people who quit their jobs cite lack of appreciation as their main reason for leaving.

Contributor(s) to this news report include: Julie Marks, Producer; Angela Clooney, Videographer and Editor.

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