How to Get Promoted: Do’s & Don’ts


ORLANDO, FLA. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — How often should you get promoted at work? Some say every six months, others are lucky if they get moved up every six years. reports the average employee gets promoted every three years. But there’s no guarantee. You have to put in the time and the work. And no doubt there’s no shortage of advice on how to get ahead in your career.

Researchers examined more than 63,000 employees around the world at various career stages and occupations and identified the four most common pieces of advice people receive about their careers. The first: take your career into your own hands. Studies show this is a good one. People who take full ownership of their careers are more likely to have higher performance ratings and better morale in their current job. Another piece of wisdom: network outside of your company and industry. Workers who do this are more likely to have an open mindset and greater success.

Follow your passion is another common phrase you may hear. Researchers say people who do this are slightly happier at work. The last piece of advice, be ready to jump at the next opportunity. Studies show this approach can actually be detrimental. Employees who are always looking for the next job have lower morale and do not experience greater objective career success.

Many experts believe that to get promoted, it’s important to manage up. The Harvard business review defines managing up as being the most effective employee you can be, creating value for your boss and your company.  A few ways to easily do that come to work prepared, work harder than anyone else in the office and get to work before your boss and leave after they leave.


Contributors to this news report include: Marsha Lewis, Producer; Roque Correa, Videographer and Editor.

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