Home Maintenance Mistakes


ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — According to a recent survey by liberty mutual insurance, one third of American homeowners have faced an unexpected home repair of five thousand dollars or more! There are several maintenance reminders for you that could help you with some all-too-avoidable catastrophes.

You dust your countertops and window shades, but how about the dust you can’t see? Replacing air and heat unit filters every month or two is just as important.

Shane Kenny, the CEO of Filter Snap, said “the biggest sign that your filter probably needs to be changed is you’re going to find that your air conditioner or your heater is going to be running more.”

And be sure to winterize properly. Overlooking sprinkler systems and leaving water lines open can cause pipes to freeze and break. You may not even realize you have a rupture, causing you tons of cash as water drains into the soil! Avoid using wd-40 for sticking door locks. Graphite lubricant is a far better choice, but you don’t even need to buy any. Just rub a number two pencil liberally over the surface of your key and then insert into the lock several times. And finally, drain-cleaning chemicals are often ineffective and could cause worse damage to your pipes and septic system. The best way to clear drain clogs is almost always with a plunger, so buy a smaller one for your sink drains. Move the plunger up and down in a series of small, quick movements to dislodge debris.

Also keep an eye out for things like foggy windows and paint chipping. Foggy windows are a potential sign the seal of a window is broken, and letting paint chip or peel exposes drywall and could mean water is penetrating the surfaces underneath which will only cause further damage and worsen the cracks.

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