Healthy Snacks in Disguise


ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) – Fruits, veggies, salads and even trail mix are a few of the foods that people eat in order to add a little flavor into their diet. But with all that hard work, are the snacks you are choosing getting you closer to your goal or making the road longer? Healthy snacks

Juices, protein shakes, and even veggie burgers are just some of the foods we try to help us lose weight. But they are doing more harm than good?

Here’s the breakdown.

Avoid labels such as low-fat and fat-free. A recent study showed these foods have more sugar and calories. If you aren’t gluten-free don’t eat those foods either. As they contain more sugar and calories than the gluten-filled choices.

Keep your yogurt plain. According to, yogurts with flavors such as chocolate and cherry have nearly 100 more calories and the sugars are even higher.

If you are looking to add flavor, look into adding fruits and granola, but watch the serving size. If you eat more than a fourth of cup, you could be doubling your calorie, carb and sugar intake.

So what does work? Granola bars without the M&Ms and chocolate, veggie sticks, veggies with peanut butter and even edamame. And the best part, you can make some of these dishes at home.

Helping you snack the right way.

Leave the dried fruit alone! Dried fruits contain more sugar than natural fruits. If you must eat them keep the serving to a fourth of a cup. And try to avoid juices. They are full of sugar even if they are 100%. If you do want to drink your fruits then make a smoothie from home.


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