Exercising While Pregnant


ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — There’s no question that exercise is key to a healthy pregnancy, labor and delivery. But for most moms-to-be- the real trick may be finding the time and energy to fit in a workout, especially if there are other little ones to look after. Experts say seven minutes a day may be all you need, and now there’s even an app to help moms safely stay on the right track.

Tara Ruch is pregnant with her second child. Right now, she needs all the energy she can muster.

“I have to stay moving, I have to stay active because if I don’t, I crash,” she told Ivanhoe.

But what’s Tara’s best bet? Fitness experts say activities like walking, swimming, stationary cycling, modified yoga and Pilates, or strength training are safe during pregnancy.

Now there’s an exercise program customized for a woman’s fitness and energy levels … and tailored for two.

Jennifer Lea, performance coach at the Johnson and Johnson Human Performance Institute, said, “We’re not just a woman anymore, were becoming a mother.”

She says you can get health benefits in just seven minutes.

“Seven minutes is better than nothing. And there is science that shows short bursts of exercise do have benefits.”

Tara said, “Thank god it’s only seven minutes cause that’s really all I have in a day.”

The free Johnson and Johnson seven-minute wellness app for pregnant moms helps walk women through exercises while keeping their changing bodies in mind.

“In the first trimester we have some mind-body sessions that help mom with morning sickness,” Jen Lea said.

The exercises are gentle and rely on a woman’s bodyweight so they can be done just about anywhere. One study showed women who exercised while pregnant had shorter active labor and less frequent acute fetal stress during delivery. For Tara, it’s a great way to prepare until the big day arrives.

“It just takes my mind off everything else and I can just get my energy levels back up,” she explained.

The Johnson and Johnson seven-minute wellness app for expecting and new moms also helps make sure mom stays safe by providing safety tips throughout her pregnancy. Other helpful pregnancy apps include babybump pregnancy pro, full term, I’m expecting and my baby’s beat. Activities to avoid during pregnancy include contact sports, activities with a high falling risk and hot yoga.

Contributors to this news report include: Cyndy McGrath, Field Producer; Brogan Morris, Assistant Producer; Brent Sucher, Video