Best Temperature for Sleep


ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — Forty percent of all Americans get less sleep than the seven to nine hours recommended by the national sleep foundation. Experts say that cooler sleeping temperatures may help. But how do we get to the temperature that experts recommend?

According to recent studies, lowering your thermostat could lead to more sleep. Scientists agree that the ideal sleeping temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit, and not quite so cold for infants.

Katie Kovaleski, MMHC, MMFC, CSC, CEO of Anytime Sleep Consulting, said, “Most rooms tend to be a little too hot. You want about 72 degrees, 73 max.”

Using a programmable thermostat will allow you to customize your home’s temperature by using an app on your smartphone.

Try freezing a small pillow to sleep with. Stick them in a plastic bag before freezing them to prevent excess humidity while you sleep.

You could also try taking a hot bath. According to researchers at Harvard medical school, getting out of the hot water makes your core body temperature fall, promoting drowsiness and leading to a longer, deeper night’s sleep.

If you’re still having trouble, the national sleep foundation recommends keeping a spray bottle, a cool facecloth, or an icepack and a glass of water by the bed to cool you off during the night.

Contributors to this news report include: Natalie Turturro, Producer; Tony D’Astoli, Editor and Videographer.