Dressing Curvy Women


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — When it comes to dressing the nation’s curvy women, the fashion industry hasn’t always been fashion-forward.

But, trends might be changing; designers are now targeting plus-size shoppers instead of ignoring them.

One shopper, Linda Ghio, wasn’t always able to say that about clothes in her size. She’s both petite and plus-size.

Finding stylish clothes to fit her body type was often frustrating.

“Most things fit you like a tent, they are just not tailored for you.” Ghio shared.

Plus-size models said form fitting fashions for curvy women just weren’t on the industry’s radar.

Plus size model Adriana LaBaron said “There is this issue with equating plus with haute couture, if you are over a size ten, there are brands that don’t want to be associated with plus.”

Industry experts say seven out of ten women today are size 14 and up. Clothing designers can do the math: that’s 100 million women, spending 20 billion dollars … but, the women want their clothes to fit.

Enter Jill Alexander. She designs only for plus-size women, and loves the process.

“Everything is comfortable, everything is flattering.” Alexander said, describing her clothes, “… and they don’t have to look like there are 100 years old and cover themselves in a tent either.”

They start on paper, but Alexander knows the real test for her designs can’t happen until they pass a real-life reality test.

She told Ivanhoe “We try it on our 5’4” customers and our 6’1” customers and their bust lines and waistlines and hiplines are hitting in different places, it’s easier for us to find the happy medium and create something that works for lots of bodies.”

Her offerings are not only fashionable but they’re affordable, ranging from $38 to $98.

Jill alexander’s designs can be found in stores throughout North America, Europe and Australia.

 Contributors to this news report include: Tana Castro, Producer; Rusty Reed, Videographer; Roque Correa, Editor.