Disengaging from Work: Risks of Quiet Quitting


ORLANDO, FLA. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — One in four workers have either quit their job this year or are planning to quit in the next few months and even more seem to be unhappy with the job they have. A recent Gallup poll found that sixty percent of people reported being emotionally detached at work and nineteen percent say they are downright miserable. Only thirty-three percent reported feeling engaged. Experts say the pandemic has left employees burned out and a new trend is emerging called Quiet Quitting. It could hurt both the employers and the employees.

And now quiet quitting is all the talk on Tiktok.

Quiet Quitters do exactly what’s required — no more, no less. No answering emails, texts or calls at nights or on the weekends. The recent Gallup poll found the main reasons for this trend — unfair treatment at work, unmanageable workloads, lack of respect, inconsistent compensation, and favoritism. And although Quiet Quitters may feel more balance in their life, experts say they risk being demoted, laid off and fired.

Experts fear that due to inflation, employees may not realize that companies are already looking for ways to cut costs, and if you’re not being productive, the quiet quitters may be the first to go. A better option if you’re not happy at work—have frequent one-on-ones with your manager to discuss challenges and opportunities, gather support from your co-workers and friends. And be decisive. It’s better to leave a job you hate than to hate the job you’re in.

On the flip side — employers are now quiet firing. What is it? It’s when employers treat you badly so that you will leave your job.  Examples are—not getting that yearly raise or bonus, shifting important work to others and deliberately leaving you out of meetings. So, before you think about quiet quitting … think about whether you are ready to be quiet fired.




Contributors to this news report include: Marsha Lewis, Producer; Roque Correa, Editor.

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