Death’s Door to Mentor


MIAMI, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — Studies show the longer a person remains in a coma the less chance of recovery. In fact, a patient in a coma for two weeks has only a 2% chance of survival! Meet one woman who literally went from death’s door to mentor!

Ten years ago, Barbara Morello O’Donnell contracted the deadly H1N1 virus.

“They put me on full life support and then I went into a coma,” Morello O’Donnell told Ivanhoe.

In a coma for 14 days, the doctors told her family there was no hope.

“They were talking like they were going to pull the plug,” she said.

Then out of the darkness.

“The angel said we’re sending you back, it’s not your time to go,” Morello O’Donnell expressed.

It was nothing short of a miracle just ask husband Mike!

“Oh my God, it’s a miracle, it’s truly a miracle,” said O’Donnell.

“I said doc, I gotta tell you something, I have a healed heart,” Morello O’Donnell said.

But the doctor said only 10-percent of her heart was working. Until a series of tests proved him wrong.

“Indeed your heart has been healed,” said Morello O’Donnell.

Having defied death, Barbara wanted to give back to others who faced adversity.

“I had many deficits and the horses helped heal me,” Morello O’Donnell said.

She started ‘See Horse Miami’, a non-profit organization to empower young women dealing with substance to domestic abuse.

Morello O’Donnell said, “I almost lost my life more than one time.”

Ericka Pena says the equine therapy with Barbara has helped her overcome a dangerous addiction to opiates.

“She said the horses I had picked were very strong-minded horses and she related that to me,” Pena said.

Sarah was able to open up after ending an abusive relationship.

“I was happy with the horse just enjoying my time,” Figueredo said.

Barbara has helped 250 women through her program. She also recommends journaling for people struggling to overcome a tough time in their lives. Her organization is 100 percent volunteer based. To learn more about see horse Miami please visit and to check out her book please visit

Contributor(s) to this news report include: Janna Ross, Producer; Judy Reich, Videographer and Roque Correa, Editor.

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