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MIAMI, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — When you think of famous sculptors you think of Michelangelo or Bernini. Now one woman is carving a path for other female sculptors and her next project is going all the way to the U.S. Capitol! creating masterpieces

Nilda Comas has always had an eye for beauty.

“I get sort of distracted looking at light and dark and shapes since I’m a child,” Nilda Comas, sculptress, said.

Born in Puerto Rico, she moved to Italy to learn the intricacies of sculpting marble.

“Michelangelo, Bernini, Henry Moore … you name them they’ve been to Pietrasanta because the material was there,” Comas said.

Comas earned her master’s in fine arts from the New York Academy and settled in Florida … where she opened an art studio.

“I’m working from my drawings,” she explained

That became this ten-foot marble sculpture of Our Lady of Guadalupe in her studio Italy.

“I’ve always admired her work,” Tom Jaeger told Ivanhoe.

Jaeger is a proud owner of a copy of Comas’ Lady Godiva statue.

“You can touch it and look at it and it’s an emotional thing when you first see it,” he said.

His daughter became the model for Comas’ Seminole Girl Monument honoring the endurance of Florida’s Seminole people. Now, she will take her work to the U.S. Capitol after winning a national contest to create a monument of Civil Rights Activist Mary McLeod Bethune who created one of the first African-American private schools for girls in 1904 and it became Bethune Cookman University.

“She was so dedicated to education she really certainly deserves it,” Comas said.

Two women carving a path for other women.

Comas is in Italy right now working on the monument, honoring Mary McLeod Bethune, which will cost between 250 and 500 thousand dollars to complete. Thanks to a committed group of Daytona Beach Businesses, Bethune-Cookman University has raised enough money to pay the bill. The plan is to unveil the statue next year. The piece will replace a statue of Confederate General Edmund Kirby Smith, who was ousted by a Florida Legislative vote in 2015. For more information on Comas, go to



Nilda Comas

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