Confidence Boosters: Dare to Think Like a Girl


ORLANDO, Fla (Ivanhoe Newswire) — Men make better leaders. Women are born nurturers. Men are better with numbers. Women are better organizers. Men have more technical skills. Women have better emotional intelligence. These are all things we’ve been told, or we tell ourselves. But are they true? Confidence

No matter what you think about men and women’s brains they are different. In fact, psychologist Tracy Packiam Alloway has dedicated her career to researching the differences. She’s written over 100 scientific articles and has authored 15 books, including think like a girl to help women excel in all aspects of their lives, including their careers.

Tracy Packiam Alloway, PhD, Psychologist & Author says, “Women often feel that they’re not capable of being a good leader.”

Alloway believes women confuse competence with confidence.

“We feel that we have to have a hundred percent competence before we feel confident. But the opposite is true for men,” explains Alloway.

Alloway says you can trick your brain into being. More confident.

“If you’re in a meeting and you’re beginning to think, ‘I can’t do that’, you notice already, you’re slinking back, you’re moving further away in your chair, self-correct. Be aware of that. Sit upright, keep your hands together, and that simple action can re-shift your mindset,” said Alloway.

Stop downplaying your successes, stop underestimating your abilities, stop apologizing and stop overthinking, and Alloway says you don’t have to act like a man to succeed in a man’s world. In fact, when women adopted more masculine traits.

“They found that they actually thought that the female leader was weaker and less competent at her job,” said Alloway.

A better path? Find your own authentic leadership style people will notice the difference.

Another trait women are often accused of is being too empathetic. When you find yourself not providing good feedback to your team because you don’t want to hurt any feelings, this is red flag you need to self-correct and find a different way forward. Think Like a Girl is sold on Amazon and anywhere else you buy your books.

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