Calm Your Nervous Pets Naturally


ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — They don’t have to stress about work or traffic … but your four-legged friend is still prone to mental or emotional stress. Instead of asking your vet for medications, here are some natural ways to calm your pet that you might want to try first.

A drop of lavender oil on the corner of a blanket is the oldest and most popular remedy for pet stress. One Irish study found it significantly calmed down dogs in the car.

If your dog freaks out during a storm, rub him down with a dryer sheet. Many dogs don’t like lightning because it causes static in their fur. Rubbing him with a dryer sheet will make the uncomfortable sensations go away.

When choosing a dog treat, look for calming ones that contain melatonin, valerian, tryptophan, or l-theanine.

And other holistic treatments, like acupuncture, aren’t just for humans.

Some locations on an animal’s body are natural pressure points that make a world of difference for your pet’s stress level.

Lisa Mason, DVM, CCRT, DVA, a veterinarian at FloridaWild veterinary said “You don’t have to convince a dog that acupuncture is going to work, their body is open to it.”

And finally, a lot of dogs develop stress behaviors out of boredom. Teach your dog a new trick and you’ll distract her from whatever is stressing her out.

The biggest thing you can do to calm your pet is to remain calm yourself. If you get nervous, your dog will pick up on it and get even more anxious. During a thunderstorm or fireworks, it’s best to act like you don’t even hear them.

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