Bypass Airport Security!


ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — Three hours and 52 minutes, three hours and 36 minutes, two hours and 48 minutes. These are some of the highest wait times passengers have experienced traveling through US airport security. But your smartphone and fingerprints could help you jump the line.

If you could change one thing about airport travel, what would it be?

In the last five years, the amount of travelers using automated methods during the international arrivals process soared from three percent to more than 50 percent. The TSA’s precheck program now covers more than 200 airports. A five-year membership costs around 85 dollars, and helps you speed through your own security line without the need to remove your shoes, laptop or liquids. Over 90 percent of these passengers reported wait times of less than five minutes.

The global entry program is growing as well. After the 100 dollar application fee, detailed paperwork about your travel history, an interview with customs, and fingerprinting, these members can scan their fingerprints and passports at kiosks instead of waiting in immigration lines. And now, a free app called mobile passport. It saves users the time and hassle of filling out paper declaration forms, and it can be used at over 25 airports. This may not be as comprehensive or as fast, but it doesn’t cost a thing.

Also for those interested in global entry, some credit card companies like chase and American express offer statement credits to customers who charge the global entry fee to their cards!

Contributor(s) to this news report include: Gabriella Battistiol, Producer; Angela Clooney, Videographer and Editor.

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