Breast Cancer Show: A New Reali-ty


NEW YORK, N.Y. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — From breast cancer to Broadway? Well, that’s the goal. After battling the disease, a survivor is turning her experiences into a one-woman play.

The voice that was singing during the play was Judy Garland’s, but this woman’s story is all hers. After beating breast cancer in 2015, Fran Reali was at a New York City theatre, performing a one-woman monologue about her journey. She called it the Fran Reali…tee of breast cancer.

“If you can be fearless about cancer, then cancer can’t consume you.” Reali shared.

Reali admits to embarrassing moments, like undressing in front of her young doctor, who she thanked onstage.

Reali stated, “Even if you laugh to yourself, it helps you control, again, the fear.”

Much of the show’s set design was inspired by photos of Reali with supportive loved ones and health care workers that illustrate the importance of leaning on them.

Lawrence Draper, MD, her Reconstructive Surgeon said “It’s palpable in that show how much she depends on that community to help her through this journey.”

So far the show has taken in ten thousand dollars in ticket sales, which Reali has donated to the breast cancer center that treated her.

Reali has now survived three different cancers, but she continues to be a very successful real estate salesperson.

Contributors to this news report include: Joey Wahler, Producer; Ryan Cantwell, Videographer; Bob Walko, Editor.

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