Body Doubling


ORLANDO, FL (Ivanhoe Newswire) — Many of us struggle with meeting deadlines and procrastination. A study out of the University of Chicago found 20 percent of people suffer from procrastination. Another study found 48 percent of individuals say distraction is the reason for their procrastination. A new technique called body doubling may be the cure your productivity killers.

“Body doubling” is a friend or partner who works with you simultaneously. Either in the same room or virtually through video chat platforms. Having someone there with you can help increase productivity by holding you accountable. Sometimes referred to as an accountability partner, it’s a technique for better productivity.

Focusmate, an online community that pairs members with a body double, states that body doubling works using five behavioral triggers. Task implementation, social pressure, accountability, specific task direction, and activating certain neurotransmitters through behavior.

When it comes to picking a body double, find someone who can be quiet and independent. Their job is to not engage with or distract you. A good friend is not always ideal when choosing a body double.

If you don’t have a friend or colleague to be your body double, you aren’t out of luck. Some TikTok users regularly go live while they’re working so others can use them as a virtual body double. There are also body doubling or coworking platforms or apps such as Flown, Focusmate, or Flow Club.


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