Black History Month: Celebrating, Learn, Honor & Embrace:


ORLANDO, FL (Ivanhoe Newswire) — February is black history month, a time to honor the essential contributions of black people in the story of America. Since 1976, the United States has officially marked the contributions of black people and celebrated the history and culture of the black experience in America every February.

“Black history is our history. Embrace it. It’s the truth that’ll set us free and we need to make sure that we unravel it, through constant study and recognition,” said Don Harrell, a professor of African Studies at the University of Central Florida.

“One thing they can do is to drop the fear factor, the fear of knowing and understanding the other. A second thing they can do is to welcome the discomfort that comes along with knowing. The third thing that people can do is to engage in their own study,” said Harrell.

PBS recommends watching documentaries such as, Many Rivers to Cross, Freedom RidersSlavery by Another Name, Eyes on the Prize, and Soundtrack for a Revolution.

Another way to celebrate is to support black-owned businesses. Just two point four percent of the U.S. businesses have black owners, even though black people represent 12 point eight percent of the U.S. population. Online marketplace Miireya, showcases black owned businesses ranging anywhere from fashion to home décor.

Also, take what we learn and do this month and continue doing it throughout the rest of your life.

February is also a good time to donate to black organizations. Some non-profit organizations that advance black rights and equal justice are Black Lives Matter, The NACPP, and Color of Change. A few more ways to celebrate are purchasing and reading books by black authors, listening to, or reading The 1619 Project by the New York Times, visiting African American museums, learning about black music by listening online, and attending local black history month events.


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