Black Girls Dive


BALTIMORE, Md. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — It began with one woman’s vision combining a love of the water and passion for science with the desire to provide opportunities to young black women in underserved communities. Now, it’s grown to four organizations in three states. Black Girls Dive teaches the basics of the sport while fostering an understanding of science and conservation.

In this community pool they just don’t teach the free style and back stroke weekly lessons focus on science and self-confidence.

Rachel Dow says, “Normally I do this and blow on my nose.”

Scuba diving takes trust in your instructor

And trust in yourself.

Danielle Nelson explains, “I got a little distracted because I was just like, oh, Em Gee I’m breathing underwater.”

The black girls dive foundation is the brainchild of Nevada Winrow.

“It’s like my safe space. I just feel relaxed in the water.” Says Nevada Winrow.

But for the rest of the week on land, it’s Doctor Winrow.

Doctor Winrow states, “My career by training is pediatric neuropsychology.”

Doctor Winrow combined her passion for diving and her love of science in a way that lifts up young black women.

Mikayla Johnson says, “I think especially now with the world that we live in, I think diversity is a big thing.”

“Just black girls having the confidence to just like swim.” Says Sanaa Blake.

Doctor Winrow says diving requires young black women to rethink cultural practices and overcome a long history of racial exclusion.

The training culminates in a yearly dive trip in exotic places-like the Bahamas along the way, the girls learn about ecosystems and water conservation.

Sinking low in order to reach new heights.

It costs about three thousand dollars a year to support each girl, that’s insurance, equipment, and travel. The organization does a lot of grant writing and fundraising to cover the cost for each girl. So far, there are four U.S. chapters of Black Girls Dive. Two in Maryland, one in Georgia and one in New Jersey.

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