Bike to Work


ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — It’s no secret that a bad traffic-filled commute can make you feel more stressed at work. But a recent Canadian study is backing that up with some science. They found that those who biked to work had lower levels of stress within the first 45 minutes of work than those who traveled by car. If you are thinking of ditching the car and biking to work, there are some tips to get you started safely.

Biking to work? Safety will always be the first priority. To stay safe, use bike lanes and ditch the sidewalks. Riding on sidewalks actually increases the chances for intersection collisions since bikes on sidewalks are farther away from a motorist field of view. If there are no bike lanes in your area, the safest place to ride is in the center of the traffic lane. Biking requires all of your senses so it is safest to ride without headphones, but if you must have music consider riding with a small portable stereo or have your phone play music on speaker. Also, check your local laws for biking. Some states require bikers on a busy street to have bells, lights or reflectors on their bike. Finally, there’s strength in numbers. The number of people biking to work has increased 60 percent in the last decade, so it shouldn’t be hard to connect with other bike riders who can help you find bike-friendly roads. You can seek out a nearby cycling advocacy group on the league of American bicyclists’ website by entering your zip code.

If you are worried about showing up to work drenched in sweat, always stash some extra clothes and toiletries in a desk drawer. You can also buy an e-bike with a small electric-assist motor to help with pedaling.

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