Apps for Tracking Your Child at School


ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — Parents used to have to wait for a note home or a call from the teacher to see how their child’s day was. But now, technology is letting them monitor behavior, progress, and grades as they happen!

At work but wondering what your child is doing at school? Now, you can find out just by looking at your phone! The Class Dojo app lets parents track their kids’ behavior and progress in real-time. Teachers add or take away points for good or bad conduct so parents can see it right away. Teachers can also post pictures and send group or private messages. Other apps like Google Classroom let instructors post grades and organize class materials. Remind allows teachers to send class announcements or set up group chats via text. Instead of rummaging through students’ backpacks for important forms, Classtree posts consent forms for field trips or other activities so parents can e-sign them. And Three Ring is an app that lets teachers create portfolios for each student and organize their paperwork digitally. When work has been added, teachers can instantly share with parents.

Signup Genius is another popular app that makes it easy for parents to sign up for classroom party donations, teacher conferences, or other events.

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