Active Shooter Safety Protocol


ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — According to Gun Violence Archive, as of July 1st, there have already been 157 mass shootings this year. Most of the victims of a mass shooting are not targeted for what they’ve done but simply where they happen to be. Here are some tips on what to do if there’s an active shooter where you are.

Halfway through 2018, Gun Violence Archive reports that the total number of gun related incidents reached 28,854, resulting in 7,210. When you hear gunfire, your first response should be to escape. Experts advise taking note of nearby exits and familiarizing yourself with quick routes out of the building. Take the stairs instead of an elevator, and never pull the fire alarm. This could cause panic and send more people out into hallways where they could be easy targets.

“Think about being a teacher in a room where you have an active shooter on the outside, you’ve got all your children with you, you want to be able to do something,” said Virginia Strickland, MD, at Trauma Surgeon and Assistant Professor of Surgery at UAB.

If you can’t escape, hide. Experts suggest hiding in a room or closet where there is a lock.  If you happen to have your cell phone on you, dial 911 and explain what is going on. Experts recommend leaving the call connected so that the dispatcher can hear what’s happening. If someone near you is bleeding, apply pressure to the wound to help stop blood loss. The more prepared you are and the more protocols you have in place, the better your chances of survival.

Experts from the Department of Homeland Security say that when the police do arrive, place both hands straight up in the air with your fingers all spread out to show that you do not have a gun.

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