Changing Daycare Can Be Risky


ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — Child care is an important resource for working parents. It’s not always easy to find the best arrangement for your child and yourself, but scientists are finding moving kids around too much when they’re young might affect them later on.

Singing, learning, and playing– there’s so much to do at daycare. But if you’re thinking of changing your child care arrangements, consider this: switching from one daycare to another may have negative consequences. Researchers looked at nearly 1300 kids from six months to prekindergarten age. They found young children who moved to different facilities were more likely to be flagged by teachers as having trouble adjusting and controlling their emotions before kindergarten. But, switching teachers within the same daycare was not linked to negative outcomes.

If you do have to move to a new childcare setting, try to take your youngster to the daycare before the first day. Also read a book about change to help your child learn ways to adapt. Ask the old teacher to write down some notes about your child to give to the new teacher. This will help the new daycare become familiar with your tot, which could mean a smoother transition.

Some experts also recommend that you switch your child during the spring or summer months when cold season isn’t at its peak. This could help them avoid the common viruses that often make their way around childcare settings during the fall and winter.

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