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Los Angeles, Calif. (Ivanhoe Newswire) —An accident, sports injury, gum disease … each year millions of people lose a tooth or several teeth. Getting a permanent replacement can take months or even years. Now, the FDA has approved the only immediate tooth implants, giving people back their smiles in a matter of hours.

Chris Caputo spent the last few decades hiding his smile.

Caputo said, “For years there was a gap, and they were loose, and they became infected.”

Dentists wanted to remove the teeth, do a bone graft, put in temporary teeth and then implants. That process would take more than year.

Sargon Lazarof, DDS, Inventor of the Ultratooth at Sargon Dental told Ivanhoe, “The minute those teeth are out, the socket, the gum, the bone that was there … it all collapses.”

Sargon Lazarof invented a new immediate, fully functioning Ultratooth that works before any more damage can be done.

“Because once you take the tooth out, the ballgame changes,” Lazarof said.

“When you take a tooth out, this gum shape is there. You put the Ultratooth right into the same socket and then put a tooth on it. So, patient walks out, and the gum and bone don’t know what’s missing,” he explained.

The design mimics the Eiffel Tower in shape. It’s screwed into the bone, expanding, similar to the action of a wall anchor, allowing for immediate normal use.

Kelly Costa came to Lazarof as a last resort.

“I bawled my eyes out,” Costa shared.

When Kelly lost her baby teeth, a bicuspid never grew in.  She tried an implant, but it kept falling out—causing her bone to collapse.

“I kind of felt pretty desperate,” Costa said.

It took an hour to insert the Ultratooth. And then it was time for the apple bite test.

No pain. No problem.

As for Chris, eating whatever he wants is just one of the benefits.

“I helped a woman get something off a shelf and she goes, ‘Ah, you have such a nice smile.’ I go, ‘Wow, I’ve never heard that,” Caputo recalled.

Lazarof says the Ultratooth is stronger than natural teeth, will not decay and is not as susceptible to gum disease. There is no need for patients to have any type of follow-up visits. The tooth should last a lifetime. The cost is comparable to a bridge and that cost changes per region. So, if a bridge is $3,000 in your area, an Ultratooth will cost the same.

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BACKGROUND: Although there have been major advancements in the dental field, edentulism, or tooth loss remains a problem for adults around the world in both developed and developing countries. Very few adults are expected to live a full life with a full set of 32 teeth. This is caused by a variety of reasons including natural decay or caries, traumatic injuries, gum diseases, and impacted teeth. Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is marked by plaque buildup and infection of the sensitive gum area that holds teeth in place. This has been found to be one of the leading causes for extraction in patients over 40. Caries or tooth decay has also been found to be the leading cause of tooth loss in patients 20-30 years of age and is marked by the erosion or formation of tiny holes on the hard enamel surface of the tooth.

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TRADITIONAL IMPLANTS: One of the most common techniques practiced by dentists today is the use of implants, a titanium screw placed in the extracted tooth cavity and then covered with a cap. Throughout several weeks, patients will heal and let their bone grow around the screw to serve as an anchor. This technique, while still less aggressive than screwing in a full set of temporary, removable dentures, still requires several appointments for scans, moldings, fittings, and placements that rack up their cost. Patients will also be in recovery for weeks and not be able to eat solid foods for a majority of that time.

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NEW TECHNOLOGY: The Ultratooth process does not require your bone to grow into the screw and become secure with time like its predecessors such as the traditional implants or dentures. The Ultratooth, after being surgical placed, is hand-screwed to fit the custom shape of each tooth for immediate securement. The major advancement of this technology is its immediate full function. Patients are encouraged to participate in an apple bite test immediately following placement to ensure the total use of the teeth. The University of Southern California’s School of Dentistry concluded that Dr. Sargon Lazarof’s treatment modality was valuable in optimizing the potential for patient healing.

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