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ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire)— Of the more than 1.8 million cosmetic surgical procedures performed in 2018, the second most popular was liposuction with over 240,000 surgeries. Patients with a BMI of 30 or lower are turning to these options to get rid of fat that they cannot otherwise, whether it be from lifestyle or health restrictions, lose. Robotic laser

For 31-year-old Holden Marable, any free time is time spent practicing his golf swing. For him, it’s the only thing that works to maintain his body and his confidence.

“For me, my flanks were definitely something I noticed working out, playing golf, doing stuff like that and anything I did to isolate it never seemed to work,” Holden told Ivanhoe.

That’s when Dr. Thomas Fiala introduced Holden to a new option using a laser and a robotic arm to melt away fat, rather than cutting it out.

Thomas Fiala, MD, a plastic surgeon at Fiala Aesthetics, shared, “It essentially uses some laser energy to heat the fat that’s immediately underneath the skin and cause a process called apoptosis.”

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Apoptosis refers to the natural cell death that occurs as organisms grow.

“We’re just sort of speeding up that process,” Dr. Fiala stated.

Meaning patients can go about their lives while the science works from within.

“That’s definitely why I decided to do the study because I thought this could be a way to achieve that which, no matter how much work I put into it, has been seemingly really hard to achieve,” Holden stated.

“What really is novel about this machine is the robotic arm. There isn’t any other body sculpting machine out there that combines a laser of this kind with a robotic arm,” Dr. Fiala elaborated.

Holden lost 40 percent fat over 13 weeks, and said he felt no pain during the treatment or recovery.

“It feels like someone’s kind of rolling a round brush. Pain is not even the word I would use it was just a feeling,” Holden noted.

Creating a safer future for cosmetic procedures.

While robotic units like EON can operate on their own, it is imperative that a laser trained professional is always supervising these procedures. Dr. Fiala says although the laser is invisible, it can severely damage the naked eye and protection must be worn at all times by everyone in the room including the doctor, medical staff, and patient.

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REPORT:        MB #4935

EON LASER TREATMENT BACKGROUND: Recently approved by the FDA, the EON laser treatment is a contactless heat laser that reduces fat over the abdomen area. Many patients seek out non-invasive treatments due to reduced recovery time and little to no pain. The device hovers over the affected area which is pre-templated through the system. This treatment takes 15 minutes and has little to no recovery time versus a more invasive procedure such as a full tummy tuck. Even if the patient is heavier than average, the sculpting will still be effective, though it may take multiple treatments. This tool triggers apoptosis, which reproduces new cells, causing the skin and tissue below to burn off the older fat cells and replace it with new cells. The provider programs the treatment into the machine and the laser begins the heating process. After approximately 15 minutes, the procedure is done, and the patient has no follow up care until the six week and 12-week appointments.

(Source: https://www.dermatologytimes.com/view/fda-clears-non-contact-laser-energy-device-abdominal-fat-reduction)

EON LASER TREATMENT DIAGNOSING: Due to pregnancy stretching the skin, rapid weight gain or loss, and other medical diagnoses such as diabetes or fat disorder, the abdominal area can appear stretched. There are many risks involving a surgery in order to reduce or remove the extra fat around the lower abdomen area, such as asymmetry, bleeding, infection or numbness. On top of bodily risk, there is also a chance of scarring, which still leaves the abdomen area with an undesirable aesthetic. To improve upon the risk factors, treatments such as cool sculpting or heat sculpting have been created to cause less pain and less recovery time than the more traditional methods.

(Source: https://www.plasticsurgery.org/cosmetic-procedures/tummy-tuck/safety)

EON LASER TREATMENT NEW TECHNOLOGY: Dominion Aesthetic Technologies, Inc. has an FDA- approved machine that reduces fat in the abdomen area in a non-invasive way. The robotic arm feature of the machine is vital because it sits above the skin, allowing cool air to be blasted onto the skin while in use, making the procedure much more comfortable and maintaining the skin’s temperature. After six to 12 weeks, patients will experience a 20 – 25% reduction of fat. The result is smoother and more natural than previous procedures due to less scarring and no post procedure care.  Other procedures that use tools like these may cause rashes, bruising or discomfort during the process. Participants also do not have to change their diet or exercise in order to receive these results.

(Source: https://newswatchtv.com/2021/05/25/eon-newswatch-review/ )





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