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ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — Ever wish you had an endless supply of energy to power through your daily “to-do” list?  There are steps you can take right now to tap into your reserves and get the most out of your work day and your time at home.

Karen Millsap, is a single mom to Caleb, and an entrepreneur, but her path has not been an easy one.

“I’m a girl who’s rebelling against tragedy,” Millsap told Ivanhoe.

Three years ago, Karen’s husband Richard was shot and killed at his gym; leaving her a widow, at age 29.

“You immediately go into this fog of grief,” detailed Millsap.

After Richard’s death, Karen founded a company dedicated to helping others re-enter the workplace after loss. She loved her work, but was still struggling.

Millsap said, “I just wanted to be the best person, and I knew that grief was weighing me down.”

A business contest led her to Jennifer Lea, senior manager of content development at Johnson and Johnson’s Human Performance Institute (HPI).

At HPI, Lea trains elite athletes, surgeons and fortune 500 CEOs, teaching them how to maximize their energy.

Lea said think of energy as a pyramid, with your physical well-being as the base.

For maximum energy, you need at least three days a week of aerobic activity, and two days of resistance training. Your body needs healthy food every four hours. And scheduled break time every ninety minutes during the work day.

“It can be as little as 30 seconds sprinting up a flight of stairs or it could be as long as 10 minutes walking around the block,” Lea told Ivanhoe.

Millsap said when she follows Lea’s training she can keep pace in business, and in life.

Millsap described, “I feel like not only can I accomplish everything I want during the day, but I feel like I’m in a good frame of mind as I’m doing it.”

In addition to the physical component, Jennifer Lea teaches clients to actively look for something that makes them happy every day to renew their emotional energy.  She also coaches women to focus on the present moment by scheduling recovery time, like a few minutes to practice deep breathing or meditation to refocus their mental energy.

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BACKGROUND: Karen Millsap’s life was changed forever when her husband, Richard, was shot and killed three years ago at his gym. Now she is a single mother to her son, Caleb, and an entrepreneur. Karen felt hopeless, drained, and broken upon losing her husband but she also knew Caleb was attentive to her behavior and she wanted to be a positive example to him. Even though trying to build a company while being a single parent is extremely difficult, Karen wanted to provide a life for her son where they were not limited by a single family income. Single mothers are expected to not only provide for the family, but to care for and actively engage with their children. With those responsibilities, anybody would be exhausted at the end of the day but Karen has figured out a way to maximize her energy at home and with her work. Her company, Widows at Work, provides training for companies to support widows in the work place after their loss. Karen says that women can be underestimated and underutilized because it is assumed that they are led by emotion, but her company has provided a safe community for widows to encourage each other. She states that helping others has been very healing for her as well. Karen was a finalist in the 2015 “Know Your Value” competition which is a nationwide effort to empower women.


SEVEN MINUTE WORKOUT: Performance Coach Jennifer Lea has trained athletes, surgeons, Special Forces, and fortune 500 CEOs at Johnson and Johnson’s Human Performance Institute (HPI). She teaches an algorithm which was developed in part by psychologists, dietitians, performance coaches, and exercise physiologists. This plan to maximize energy includes three days of aerobic exercise, two days of resistance training, eating healthy foods every four hours, and taking a break every ninety minutes. This four part approach includes body, mind, heart and spirit, and developing a belief system. Integrating technology has become an essential part of any business model today, so HPI has recognized that wearable tech can act as an extrinsic motivator and play a role in keeping people engaged. HPI has developed The Johnson and Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App, which can be used on your phone, tablet, or smart watch. Jennifer Lea has a focus on women in business and has discovered from interviews that women tend to “stand in their own way.” She says they must reframe the way they think about themselves and rid themselves of self-doubt. This program demands that you must make health matter to obtain the energy you want. Lea has helped many people see results including Karen Millsap.


HPI NEWS: Karen Millsap has had great success after working with Jennifer Lea and feels like she can accomplish anything. The Human Performance Institute is targeted toward training business leaders but their workshop can be beneficial to anyone. You can register for one of their many courses on Energy is described as a pyramid with physical well-being at the base, followed by emotional, then mental, and then spiritual at the top. They report that 74% of participants felt more engaged with life, and 69% are more engaged with taking care of their health.


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