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TAMPA, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — Studies show that the spike in blood sugar can lead to inflammation, diabetes or even heart disease. Now one woman is using the formula she developed to help you through a successful sugar divorce.

Gloria Godsey is happy she’s shed sugar. Sugar used to be a big part of her life. So was chronic pain.

“I wondered how I was going to continue to go on.” Godsey told Ivanhoe.

So she deleted sugar from her diet in a snap. Gloria got sugar out of her diet and her crippling pain disappeared. She used Rena Greenberg’s sugar divorce strategy.

“It’s a program I’ve developed and use in over 75 hospitals to help you change the way you think about sugar subconsciously so you don’t want it anymore. You can get that sugar divorce.” Rena Greenberg, Hay House Author and CEO Easy Willpower, explained.

The main strategy? Using hypnosis to retrain the brain to reject sugar.

Greenberg continued, “And in this way the suggestions goes into the subconscious mind and literally cleanses the mind of the old way thinking about sugar.”

With the divorce final, her clients eat frozen bananas instead of ice cream, roasted nuts replace cookies and pass on pretzels for popcorn.

“You think about your ex in a very different way and that’s what we’re doing with sugar divorce. You think about those foods you used to be craving.” Greenberg said.

Greenberg says habits can be broken in 20 to 30 days. For Godsey it didn’t take that long, and she hasn’t relapsed.

“She saved my life, for sure. She saved my life.” Godsey stated.

Rena Greenberg’s sugar divorce program can be done in person or over skype. She works with people all over the world. Some of the hospitals that have used it are Providence Hospital in Michigan, Tampa General Hospital in Florida, and Hoboken University Medical Center in Hoboken, New Jersey.

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BACKGROUND: Although some people have a sweet-tooth and others do not, most people don’t often realize sugar can also be present in savory foods. Having too much sugar in a diet increases the risk of suffering from a cardiovascular disease and it can also be the cause of chronic pain. The American Heart Association recommends not having more than 100 calories, around 6 tablespoons, of sugar if you’re a woman and no more than 150 calories of sugar if you are a man.


CUTTING SUGAR: The easiest and fastest way to cut sugar from your diet is by reading labels. Most of the time you wouldn’t think sugar could be present in foods like bread or condiments, but they are. Read the label and look for the sugar percentage. Also, be aware that sugar may be hidden from the label with tricky names. Anything ending with an “ose”, like fructose or sucrose, is sugar. Other acronyms may be syrups and molasses, so be sure to keep an eye out for them. Try buying foods that are labelled “no added sugar” or “unsweetened” for a good replacement, but still check the label. Sugar is mostly in unhealthy carbs so make sure to eat sufficient protein and fiber with your meals to replace them.  Finally, don’t try cutting sugar all at once from your diet. Take baby steps and the commitment will become permanent.


 SUGAR DIVORCE: Sugar Divorce is a program Rena Greenberg developed to help change the way people think about sugar. Greenburg uses hypnosis in order to retrain the brain to reject sugar, since this can turn into an addiction. Her technique becomes effective by targeting the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is a part of the mind that is on auto-pilot. Suggestions about sugar are given allowing the cleansing from old thoughts about sugar. This program is used in over 75 hospitals in the U.S. One of the biggest lessons is that divorcing yourself from sugar doesn’t translate to eating boring foods and sacrificing taste. When making the change, begin small by replacing some of your favorite foods with healthy options. Rena Greenberg says “there is no specific diet with my program, but after using my sugar divorce system, most people tend to make these kind of healthier choices automatically.” You can order the complete Sugar Divorce audio program at or

(Source: Rena Greenberg)

MORE FROM GLORIA: “I got sugar out of my diet and my crippling TMJ, headache and ear ringing pain disappeared. I’m convinced sugar and stress were linked to my inflammation and other ailments. It was the deep relaxation from Rena’s hypnosis sessions that felt like a massage for my brain. I used Rena Greenberg’s Sugar Divorce strategy and I believe it was her hypnosis technique that relaxed all those tiny muscles in my jaw and also inspired me to stop eating sugar, when nothing else worked.”

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