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DALLAS, TX (Ivanhoe Newswire) — One in four Americans, 65 and older will fall this year.  Every 11 seconds an older adult is treated in the emergency room from a fall, and every 19 minutes an older adult dies from a fall. A new tech solution now summons help and can also coach seniors how to stay strong.

Three years ago, 70-year-old Sandy Craven had a major stroke. She lives alone, and since then, she’s fallen more than a dozen times. Sometimes she can’t get up.

Craven shared, “One time I fell and I drug myself from the utility room into the den where I could get up in the recliner.”

Craven fell so often that she needed a lifeline. She tried several medical alert systems, but didn’t like that they notified a call center and even called 911, before knowing if it was a real emergency. Then she found this one, called MyNotifi, which she wears on her wrist, like a watch. It detects falls, uses GPS and is connected to her cell phone. The device sends a text to her loved ones if she falls. If she can’t speak, they will know to call 911 immediately.

Craven explained, “If you fall, you just instantly tap your phone.  In just a minute, my daughter’s phone will ring.”

Craven’s daughter Anissa King said, “so I just received a notification that my mom has fallen.”

Seniors often lose core strength, which contributes to instability. The MyNotifi app also suggests exercises to improve strength and reduce falls.

John Early, MD, an Orthopedic Surgeon from Texas Orthopedic Associates said, “They become more problematic as we get older because we take it for granted that it’s going to happen rather than fight it.” (Read Full Interview)

Craven shared with Ivanhoe, “You just feel helpless, but I don’t feel helpless now.”

The cost of the MyNotifi is 299 dollars. Since it does not use a call center, there is no monthly monitoring fee.

While the user can initiate a call by tapping on the device, the MyNotifi also uses an algorithm to detect if a person has fallen and alerts the people in the wearer’s network. Learn more at https://www.mynotifi.com/

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BACKGROUND: Among older Americans, falling is the leading cause of hospital admissions and death. The most important reason is because of a decline in physical activity. Without daily exercises, balance is lost. Necessary medications can also have an impact. Side effects like dizziness and drowsiness can make falling more likely. There are steps that can be taken to help a senior not fall. Keeping all floors around the home clutter free is very important. Making sure there are no slippery surfaces or damages to the flooring.  Install handles around the house to make getting up easier. Regular eye exams are also important because bad eyesight is another major reason why seniors fall.

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ALERT DEVICES: There are many different types of fall alert systems. Some use automatic fall detection technology and others don’t. Both types of devices are designed to be worn at all times by the senior. Automatic systems are able to detect a fall by themselves. They don’t rely on the senior having to press the emergency bottom. They do this by measuring the speed of movements in all directions and comparing that to the direction of an actual fall. This decreases the chances of false falls being reported. It also detects a fall and calls for help if a senior is not able to press the button that calls emergency services.

(Source: https://www.medicalalertadvice.com/fall-detection/)


MYNOTIFI: This device comes in the form of a wristband or waistband clip. One of the main differences is that it is connected to a mobile phone, not a land line. This means that the user can use it outside the home. It works from anywhere. MyNotifi works through an artificial intelligence algorithm that can detect a fall. Once a fall is detected, it sends a “notification” to the family members for support that includes a GPS locator map so that you know where the senior fell. The device is waterproof and is encouraged to be worn everywhere. MyNotifi meets Class I device standards and is also HIPAA secured so that all information is private. The family members supporting the senior simply download the MyNotifi app and allow notifications. Once this is done, the family is connected to their loved one using the device.

(Source: https://www.mynotifi.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4v_i6I-h2wIVki-BCh1_kwBJEAAYASAAEgJt2_D_BwE & John Early, MD)



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