Work and Motherhood: Can You Really Do Both?


ORLANDO. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — From reports and deadlines to homework and parent-teacher meetings, it can get a little hectic balancing work and kids. But here are some ways to put your mind at ease and create the perfect work-life balance.

Jenn Lea, from The Energized Woman, explained, “As women, we are always on the go. It’s a 24/7 world that we live in. We have very high expectations for ourselves.”

Having kids does not always mean that you have to scale back your career ambitions. Women make up 45 percent of associates in the legal field, but only 20 percent of partners are women. In fact, going for a higher position means you would have more funds to pay for things, such as childcare.

Once you get that higher position, you have the power to negotiate your schedule along with your salary.

“By the time we get home, what I often see, we have the least amount of energy for the people we really care about most,” said Lea.

Consider requesting more flexibility with your hours by either leaving by a certain time or working from home once a week. Making fair deals with your partner at home assures that everyone is sharing responsibilities when it comes to parenting. Take turns handling doctor visits, mealtimes and school visits so that one person does not have to constantly rearrange their work schedule. It also reinforces to kids that both parents’ jobs are important.

Also take advantage of workplace benefits. Some companies may provide flex spending accounts that can help you save on childcare.

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