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     Ivanhoe does 30 reports a month all around the USA and we are constantly looking for new medical treatments or devices that could help people if they just knew about them. Lots of the ideas come from major medical facilities but we are also looking for ideas from you. Please send a note to this e-mail if you know about a doctor or a treatment you think we need to cover:

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  •      Patients in a-fib usually need a pacemaker and there is a new one that Dr Andrew Voigt at UPMC is using. He says, “The leadless pacemaker eliminates what traditionally has been the weakest link in the pacemaker system, which is the wire.”

  •      Cleveland Clinic doctors have a new, safer way to treat brain tumors and it involves heat not cutting. Dr Gene Barnett says, “It works by heating the tissue around it to the point where it cooks, just like you’re cooking a hardboiled egg.”

  •      Colorectal cancer is the second leading cancer killer among men and women. It is particularly hard to treat if the polyps are flat. That used to mean cutting out two feet of the colon but Cleveland Clinic Surgeon Dr Emre Gorgun offers patients a new option called ESD that preserves the colon.

     Dr Freddie Fu, a world-renowned orthopedic surgeon at UPMC, has a lot of advice about recovering from knee replacement surgery in our first special report and Dr Larry Lieberman tells us what our teeth would like to tell us in the second one.

     In case you missed them, you may want to check our past reports, Premium Content in Archives Premium Content in ArchivesLaser Device May End Pin Pricks for Diabetics Premium Content in ArchivesOvarian Cancer: Know Your Body, Know Your Risk. Premium Content in the Archives may be purchased for as little as $9 for 24-hour, unlimited access. If you would like to access Premium Content for the first time click here.

     Finally, be sure to watch “Winning Formula—Skating Through Life” for an inspiring story about a program started by Sharon Cohen in Harlem 18 years ago. I hope she expands all over the country!

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Marjorie Bekaert Thomas
President, Ivanhoe Broadcast News
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