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Advances in health and medicine.
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Advances in health and medicine.
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Advances in health and medicine.
Marjorie Bekaert Thomas
Advances in health and medicine.
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Letter from the President

Weddings Weddings Weddings!

     I am so happy to have my friends’ children and grandchildren ask to have their weddings at my house. Thank you John Storey and Jolene Gurtis. It really makes us feel so much a part of your families and part of such an important day in the rest of your lives. A friend of my mother said to me in the weeks leading up to my own wedding that it was the most important day of my life and in my youth I was offended (or maybe a little sad) that this one day might be my high point in her mind…in my maturity, I look back on it as my most important decision in shaping the rest of my life so perhaps Sadie was right after all. What a difference 45 years makes!

     Watch our Medical Headline Videos:

  •      Dr Mark Myerson, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore is using a new device called the HammerLock 2 to get patients with hammertoe back on their feet quicker and with less chance of infection.
  •      Sarah Humme, DNP, RN at Southwest General Hospital in San Antonio explains new technology called CareView that is decreasing patient falls in hospitals.
  •      Dr Redmund Burke, MD, Cardiac Surgeon at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami is using 3D printing to make heart surgery safer for a growing number of pediatric patients.

     Our first special report this week is about the pros and cons of milk. Beverly Mayer, MBA, Clinical Nutritionist and Holistic Nutritionist and Kara Trochta, MDS, RDN, Registered Dietician and Nutritionist at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio have a lot to say about the topic.

     We also have the full length interview with Dr Krishna Tummalapali, MD, Interventional Cardiologist at UPMC. He talks about a less common approach to re-opening arteries for angioplasty.

     In case you missed them, you may want to check our past reports, Premium Content in Archives Premium Content in ArchivesAlzheimer’s Risk Assessment Premium Content in ArchivesDiabetics: Don't Skip Breakfast. Premium Content in the Archives may be purchased for as little as $9 for 24-hour, unlimited access. If you would like to access Premium Content for the first time click here.

     Our final report this month is an inspiring story about Kendall Hall who was told by her doctors that she would never walk again after a spinal injury in a car wreck. Now she owns and operates REACT Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Center in Dallas. Traditional medicine disputes the therapeutic value of restorative exercise but Kendall sure doesn’t.

And there's more where that came from...


Marjorie Bekaert Thomas

President, Ivanhoe Broadcast News


“Nearly all that we call human history – money, poverty, ambition, war, prostitution, classes, empires, slavery – [is] the long terrible story of man trying to find something other than God which will make him happy.”
-- C.S. Lewis

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Advances in health and medicine.
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