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  • SIDS OR SUDS? GENES OF DEATH: The sudden, seemingly unexplained death of a baby rattles thousands of families each year. When it happens after twelve months, it's called sudden unexplained death syndrome. A genetic breakthrough may spare future heartbreak.
  • ORTHOREXIA: EXTREME EATING DISORDER: We've all heard of anorexia or bulimia, but now there's an eating disorder that takes it one step further -- and it's taking root in everyone from kids to adults.
  • LIVING YOUNGER LONGER: They range in age from seventy-nine to ninety six. Some might say these sisters have figured out the secret to living longer and living younger. Research shows you can add eleven years to your life by quitting smoking, exercising often, and filling your plate with fruits and veggies, but there may be some other ways to add to your golden years.
  • MISDIAGNOSED! One-hundred-thousand people die of medical mistakes each year. Of those, more than half their families believe their deaths were caused by a misdiagnosis. We share some of the most misdirected misdiagnoses in women. 
  • LEMUR LADY: Anyone convinced apes hold the key to evolution isn't reading the paper. Last year, scientists found a 47-million-year-old fossil considered the missing link in human development. The bones were from a lemur-like creature many thought didn't even exist. Meet one college professor who never had a doubt.
  • LOTSA HELPING HANDS: Whether you're sick, shut-in, a new mom overwhelmed with daily chores, or a soldier's wife who just needs some extra hands, there's a new way to get the help you need.
  • CHEF'S CORNER: CAKES FOR A CAUSE: It's being called an epidemic that's targeting children. In fact, a new case of autism is diagnosed every twenty minutes. More kids will be diagnosed with it this year than with cancer, diabetes and aids combined. Now, one teenager is headed into the kitchen to help raise money and awareness.
  • STAY-AT-HOME MOMS: THE TRUE COST: We begged for it. We fought for it. Now we've got it … and we're still conflicted about it. Should moms stay at home and help their children learn and grow? Or is it better for family finances and a woman's independence if she stays a full-time employee?


Current Smart Living TV Reports

  • SUMMER WARNING: TANNING ADDICTION: If you're one of the many contributing to the five billion dollar indoor tanning industry, new research may have you thinking twice before you lie down under those bright lights. Indoor tanning could be addictive.

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